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Humanity and Brotherhood

Copyright Photograph by Levent Ağaoğlu Istanbul 1975


HUMANITY AND BROTHERHOOD: We will be happy with the connectivity between human brothers if we understand each other as brothers. The world is only a physical world seen from the universe as there are no borders. We should see the world without borders as a physical map only with humanity and brotherhood connections. We’ll talk about humanity and brotherhood

QUESTION: Are humans for the life? Or life is for humans?

Hi, my friends. Today is the second of February 2023. We’ll talk about humanity and brotherhood. These days we need a global Brotherhood between all humans.

Humanity and Brotherhood: Colors and Directions

The basic understanding is that you see there are the colors here in my cloth are black and white and okay this is the Turkish symbol blue bead and then this is yellow color and this is a red color book.

All these five colors are the main colors for the directions and the Turkish language does not define the skin of the people as black and White. Human as black and white is an irrational classification. We do not understand these classifications in the Turkish language however what we understand with these five colors is okay yellow is the center and blue is the east, white is the west and black is the North and red is the South.

You see only the directions this is a compass.

Humanity and  Brotherhood is for the life 

Colors are not about the skin of the humans but you see these are the understanding a certain understanding of the human race we never understand but life in my understanding is humans are for the life of the humans all are for the life only and all the world creatures the flowers and the animals and everything.

There is intact connection connectivity between all these creatures.

Humanity and Brotherhood

This comes to the point that humans are for the life. Life is not for humans. Because humans gave birth and then die however life continues. In order to be happy we should be in Brotherhood with all humans for the life and then Brotherhood will enrich life in the world.

Have a good day all my friends have a day with Brotherhood between all the humans. Good day all, bye-bye.

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