Brotherhood of Water

by Recep Ali Topçu, Ab-ı Hayat Water Museum

1. To promote water, to make people love water by emphasizing that it is a gift sent to us by the creator. The one who knows and loves protects. It does not waste, does not consume without account. It carries it to future generations.

2. Water; It is clear, transparent, natural, warm, embracing, life-giving and lively. The water brother strives to be like the water in its essence and yeast. It strives to live without being polluted, to stay in the flow, by remaining pure as it was in its creation and coming to the world, and aims to leave permanent traces behind as an eternal world.

3. We carry water to love and peace, not to war, hatred, quarrel. We want to increase peace, love and unity in people’s lives first within themselves, then within people, then in the life of the world, together with all those inside.

4. We will continue to invite to the water brotherhood. The effects of segregation due to race, color, religion, language, geography, gender, social class, even sports team, political party and similar reasons have begun to be felt more and more every day.

Behaviors in which we distinguish between “us” and “them” only lead to insecurity, intimidation and loneliness in our people.

While separation leads to seeing each other as a threat, to fear, insecurity and anxiety, to fighting, hatred, narcissism and unhappiness in our globalized world, reconciliation and cooperation lead to level, harmony, development and happiness.

On the other hand, cooperation and water brotherhood will be enough to turn all these negative feelings into positive results.

Our brain will balance “liking” what is similar and feeling uncomfortable with “different”. A person feels safer in environments where he knows, knows and trusts, and in groups with similar souls and people. The knowledge, approach and belief that each of us is created from a drop of water, which we accept the whole world as an environment, will remove the uneasiness and will bring the fruits of being connected to each other by water bond, kinship of water bond, and unity of water brotherhood.

5. Let’s love water, let’s love all living things and everything created from water, let’s dominate the brotherhood of water and turn our world into a garden of love. Otherwise, if we can’t do this, our world will be narrow for us, right? Let no one be left without a heart who does not understand water and souls created from water.


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