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Turkey for the Goodness of Humanity

by Professor Erol Göka

Jun 29, 2020 | Interview

Before moving on to the “new normal”, which will be shaped by the measures to be taken and regulated according to minimizing the risk of contamination, I would like to say a few words about Turkey’s role in such a new world. If it does not fall into a trap and does not deviate from its path with provocations, Turkey has a great opportunity. “The world is bigger than five!” Turkey, known for its objections, may bring the search for a just order determined by the feelings of cooperation, solidarity and compassion stemming from its traditions to the agenda both in the world and within the country, and may try to revive the concepts of human rights, democracy and justice that have been worn out all over the world in this process.

In other words, it can try to implement the mototo “Turkey for the good of humanity”, which Alev Alatlı put forward a few years ago. He/she can criticize the world states that tend towards technodespotism with a human-centered approach. It can combine the advantage of the health system’s ability to resist the epidemic with the pursuit of a just order.

All these can highlight Turkey as a “model country” and increase its reputation in the eyes of the peoples of the world.


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