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Turkey and Humanity: Let’s Meet in The Water Brotherhood

By Recep Ali Topçu – Adell Armature&Valve Factories Inc. | Chairman of the Board



As living beings, can we unite in our common root, Water, in Water Brotherhood? Can we integrate people first, then animals and trees? Can we contribute to the peace of the world?

Supreme Art in a drop of Water.

Although we look different, the essence of all of us inside is a drop of water that fell into the mother’s womb with love. All living beings are created from a drop of Water, connected to life and each other by means of water. We are all water descendants.

The biggest common point of 8 billion people, millions of trees and billions of animals is Water.

There is no difference between all Water siblings, whose essence is water, created from water. A drop of water that falls into the mother’s womb lovingly enters the realm of life by embracing flesh and bone. Later, with the withdrawal of Water, he died and travels to other worlds.

“I am a handful of soil and a little bit of water. What should I brag about, that’s what I am. ” Isn’t our heart architect Yunus Emre, who has defined this reality very well?

Our Supreme Creator (cc) has created humans, animals and trees in the form of different colors and races, as they develop closer relationships among themselves. Each of them forms the world garden like a different color flower that makes up the spring. Although it has no value in itself, it comes together like an orchestra and forms a group that gives peace to the hearts with sweet melodies.

We are all parts of the same whole.

Gautama Buddha defines the world family as: “The whole world is one family for those who have love in them.”

Nazım Hikmet, on the other hand, defines life together in another beauty. “Living is one and free like a tree.

And this longing in brotherhood like a forest is ours. ”

See how Eşref İnanç expressed our brotherhood in his poem:

We are the colorful flowers of the same country

We are the patterns on the carpet

We are one with the homeland in the flag, in worry

We are those who are seduced by the epic of separation.

Although technology, lifestyle, geographies, cultures, color, language and religions separate people, all living things bear the traces of water, which is its raw material. They show the properties in the water’s DNA.

Our view of these differences and the meaning we attribute first determine the life quality and peace of individuals, then countries and the world. Therefore, we look at the differences, Water and all living things from this perspective and believe with all our hearts that attributing deeper meanings will provide great benefits for a sustainable world.

The world citizenship approach that our grandfather Oğuz Kağan put forward centuries ago with the discourse “Our sky dome, our sun flag, our world homeland” still carries its freshness and originality today.

Can we evaluate Water, Water Brotherhood as an element that will bring our world family to unity and integrity? Can we use it as a means of hugging each other? Can we carry the understanding that once held the world together as “the ant does not hurt the master” and embraced the whole world with its compassion, to today’s world?

Something needs to be done in response to the course of our world, which lives under a roof of the same sky, which goes to disintegration and produces many human problems. What values ​​should we use in this opposing stance so that we can take the lead role in change, transformation? What can we do in the light of lessons learned from the past and new paradigms? What can we put in front of all the world’s humanity as a common value?

Let’s consider these questions and our responsibilities together with the focus of “Water and Water Brotherhood“, let’s evaluate them together. I hope it will find the attention it deserves in the eyes of social engineers, sociologists, psychologists, literature and philosophy circles in the future, due to the importance of the subject, it is discussed in various aspects and its area of ​​influence expands.

Water is the only element to which all living things can unite, it is the greatest common value.

The similarities coming from the water bring us, the world family, that is, humans, animals and trees, closer together. When we get clear of what we have learned in the world, ego, negative thoughts and feelings, we integrate and embrace each other. The important thing is to be able to return to the factory settings and the DNA codes of Water.

In fact, we generally display similar behaviors as humans and all living things. Because these are the properties in water’s DNA.

As we reach the values ​​in our creation, we realize how valuable the features that separate and marginalize us are actually not as a separation but as an element of wealth.

Differences are actually important and necessary in terms of forming molecules that are more intimate amongst us in small spaces, small units. Water particles can only come together to form rivers, seas and oceans. It seems impossible for any community without unity to achieve its vision. Societies where differences are not perceived as wealth are doomed to disintegration and failure.

In the past, 72 nations have lived together for centuries in the Anatolian lands and have shown the best example of ambient life culture to world history. 72 nations, 28 languages ​​and 10 religions were able to live together on the same land, on common values, values ​​of justice and equity.

Even though differences that cannot be used literally separate people and living things from each other, Water; It invites all living things to be pure like water, to be saints like water, to be one, unity, vitality, integrity and humanity, which is a permanent value.

How should we approach differences?

How should we understand and make sense of differences so that our world can reach peace and brotherhood? We think that all the peoples of the world should think about this question sincerely and seek a solution. Our approach to differences stands out as one of the important factors in determining our quality of life.

Generating new syntheses, not hostilities, out of differences enriches us. In order to grasp this understanding, Water Brotherhood, we must benefit from Anatolian culture and develop content to export this culture. Common values ​​bring people closer to each other.

We should aim to be able to understand ourselves better and become more mature individuals by taking advantage of the richness of differences.

Today, although we accept differences, technological opportunities as a great advantage for the development of humanity, we should not allow it to develop, grow and develop in a way that will harm our unity and integrity.

We must know our limits and limits and continue to contribute to our world family unity and integrity by staying within those boundaries.

Unfortunately, our approach to differences today leads to disconnection in our relationships with our environment.

We should not fade the colors that differences add to our world with our own hands.

We cannot survive by constantly blaming others and keeping an account of the flaws of the people around us.

We can come together as all humanity without breaking away from local culture and characteristics.

As we develop our Water Brotherhood, our world will be embellished with love and peace and will turn into a rose garden. The abundance and power of the unity, Water Brotherhood will be reached. Here is the way to leave a more peaceful world to the guests who will come to our world after us.

Let’s not think that as we are separated and lonely, we will be happier and we will bring peace to the world.

Even if people get money, wealth and authority as soon as possible, they will realize that it is not what they are looking for. We will surely see that these do not work, in fact we are seeing this when we look sincerely. Therefore, we must have a Water Brotherhood approach that will ensure the awareness of the world family without further delay. When we reach the level of awareness of the brotherhood of water, when we try to harmonize our tolerance and respect with all living things, our life will gain meaning and our life will be enriched with the awareness that we are a drop in the ocean, in unity.

Let’s understand and make sense of the Water Brotherhood for a sustainable world, a future.

Let’s understand and make sense of the Water Brotherhood for a sustainable world, a future.

As Lydon B. Johnson points out in “We cannot change the past, but we can win or lose the future,” we can build the future from today. We can use Water Brotherhood as an important component.

We have lived the blood, womb, milk and religious brotherhood in our lives from the past to the present, and we continue to do so.

In order to counteract this negative course of our world where unrest, loneliness and tensions increase, let’s add the “Water Brotherhood” to these brotherhoods and develop our brotherhood circle in a way to encompass and encompass all living things. The value that those who cannot expand the scope and scope of the concept of brotherhood can add to our world and put into their future does not seem.

Having a deep civilization of brotherhood, Anatolian and Turkish people, as the heart of the region and the world, have the experience and potential to carry these beautiful values ​​to all hearts.

With the expression of Sabri Tandoğan as the brain, let’s bring love to people who are far from light and love in our world. Let us bring them the most beautiful flowers of heart that are made of love, love, friendship and pure feelings. Our heartfelt world is Allah (swt) and Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) will be so filled with his love that the whole universe will fit within the boundaries of that love, the brotherhood of water, from the smallest pebbles on the ground to the stars surrounding the sky. With its mountains, seas, sky, trees, flowers, animals that add life to our lives and colorful beautiful people. Just like Yunus, we will say “Forgive the created one, because of the Creator” and we will be embraced as our water brothers to bring all souls together with faith, belief and universal values. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could remove “contempt” from our lives and point of view and replace “tolerance”?

We will approach happiness as long as we develop and strengthen the human vein, the water connection, which we will catch, instead of the differences that separate and alien us from each other.

Each of us is a “nothing” by ourselves without each other.

The Water Brotherhood is an important occasion to expand our network.

The world is more beautiful with Water Brotherhood. Water makes us family, unites us. It carries all living things to the understanding of valuable water brothers. As a world family, we are beautiful when we are all together. We are strong together.

The Water Brotherhood is the most beautiful garden that can bring together members of the world family, members, and water brothers. That a marbled pattern our Turkey, our stubbornness to try to parse the world, combining a love of water and brotherhood …

Our Prophet (saas) said, “All people are Hz. They are the children of Adam. ” He actually summarizes the event with his hadith-i sharif, right?

In water, human becomes “we”. Water that recognizes ourselves and returns us to our core causes us to connect more deeply to the rest of the universe.

We must treat all people, animals and trees well. Because, as a valuable member of the world family, each one deserves first class treatment from birth. The greatest miracle in the world is a man, an animal, a fly, a tree. Each one of us is a miracle with our existence. Each living thing is unique in its creation and in terms of its attributes, the latter does not exist. It deserves respect and respect.

Man, created from a drop of Water, looks at a drop of water with respect, and respects and respects his brothers and sisters created from a drop of water like himself. Every living thing is created from a drop of water, just like us. Therefore, I think that if we accept every living thing, every tree as our water brother whose essence is the same as you, the dimension of our relationship with those around us will be balanced. Every water brother deserves respect, right?

Time is the time to realize the Water Brotherhood and take it forward. How nice it is to be aware of those around us and to have a sense of compassion. How nice to be the other, being aware of others, our little friends animals, other water brothers, and empathizing.

How nice it is to be able to say “You are from us, we are, glad you are” to everything around.

How nice it is to reflex respect for all living things, my water brothers and sisters, and live with them in brotherhood.

If you want to be more empathetic, develop our empathy, and expand your network of inclusiveness, believe in Water Brotherhood, include all people, animals and trees in your network.

Every communication with those who are different from your group will improve your perspective and increase your empathy and emotion.

The whole world where we surpass the feelings of the self and overcome all the feelings of hatred, anger and hatred is my friend. .

Our similarities are more than our different features. We are all more alike than we think.

The Water Brotherhood should not be just a dry pretense and thought. Western approaches cannot be an example and measure for us. We can say good things, but if we don’t live, we can’t be believable.

To learn the art of living as a brother.

A drop of Water, a sibling created from Water, a member of our world family, the consciousness and maturity of looking at each drop as a living being will enable us to look at life from a completely different perspective.

Martin Luther King makes a perfect determination with his remark, “We learned to fly like birds and swim like fish. In the meantime, we forgot a very simple art; living as brothers.” Do you think it’s time to learn the art of living as brothers, or is it passing?

Let’s listen to this voice of Come Water, this universal invitation. Let us unite with the “Water Brotherhood” bond as members of the world family living on the same earth under a single sky, and be one and alive. Let’s realize that we will get stronger, get rich, and solve our problems.

Come, let us grow the love that is the Water of our heartland, let it disappear like the darkness that disappears with the coming of light, let the hate, enmity, lovelessness disappear as the ice melts when seeing the fire. In our country, in our world, in any place where the sun rises and sets, the heart is sad, without water, a hungry heart, a human, an animal, a tree.

Your bride, let us sprinkle the seeds of brotherhood, love and affection in the field of the world in order to eliminate the troubles in our world where the seeds of separation, polarization, separation, hatred and anger are sown.

Come, let’s develop the unity and understanding we need among all living things through the water bond, let’s build a sustainable future. Let’s develop a counter stance and set an example to the whole world with the path we will open. With the motto “Showing by living is the best worship”, let’s first be friends with our 100 trillion cells, each of which is a Water island, with our Water brothers, who add life to our lives, all people, animals and trees, and live in a friendly way. Let us be the representative, carrier and world ambassador of love, Water Brotherhood and affection.

Let us grow our little ones and rosebuds with this love and consciousness starting from small. Let’s make practices that will enable people, animals and trees to grow in love. Hoping for the benefits in the future, we, as a company, make such an application for our little ones in our Museum. We work with all our strength for the happiness of the big family that we are connected with.

In our Adell Ab-ı Hayat Water Civilizations Museum, young students share their love and brotherhood by saying “precious water brother, I love you” to each other. We believe that this moment will leave traces in the memories of many that will have lifelong effects.

We want to carry our Water Brotherhood work to the whole world and to ensure the change and transformation of our world in this direction. Would you give me a hand? How would you like to be a wholeheartedly shareholder of this good intention?

Greetings to the “ant does not hurt” masters who respect the ant’s right to life,

Greetings first of all to those who can live in peace with themselves, with their surroundings and with all living things.

Greetings to those who love because of the creation of all creatures,

Greetings to those who are enemies of enmity and can increase love, peace and tranquility.

Greetings to our vast volunteer Water brothers and sisters who treat all living things with love and respect.

Be pure like water, enthusiastic like water, and saint like water.




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