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The person is very deep. so we can see the depth and very simple as well with the wisdom. therefore we can call wisdom as WQ.
WQ is wisdom quotient this is a really wisdom and it is rare within the humanity for the persons and then for the development
For the definitions we can observe two different attitudes unwise and wise persons softy and Sofia persons and patent and wise man persons. the first ones are without wisdom and the succeeding ones are with the wisdom.
It is not only the knowledge who makes a person wise man knowledge also may make you a patent person. we say in Turkish bilge. There’s a difference between bilge and Wiseman.
You need to have more than knowledge the experience as well and then to understand the people empathy for the wisdom acquaintance.
Finally we can ask the question who is Wizard.
Wizard is a person who has the vision plus wisdom. Vision makes you the leader and wisdom makes you wise person. So this is a formula for developments of the humanity.
If persons have the two Powers with Vision Plus wisdom so they can be creating many developments and changing Innovations in business life in International lives in political lives in Sciences as well.
Humanity needs Wizard.

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