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IDEA: Turkey Russia Turkestan India

QUESTION: Turkey Russia Turkestan India

Very true. I expect the balancing game evolves into cooperation between North (Russia, Turkestan) and South (India) with a catalization in the middle by Turkey.

Planned Military Facilities of Russia in Africa and Asia

This is the unique elevator against Western domination as China is controlled by US for their dollar hegemony.
Turkey and India are playing the balancing game between Russia and West. So far so good

Iran, is actually the west in the east. And it is constantly closing the doors of dialogue to Turkey. There is no cooperation. When we approach it from these perspectives, it is the north-south dialogue that appears before Turkey in the face of the new developments of the twenty-first century. In this dialogue, Russia and Turkistan in the north and Africa and India in the south appear as development regions. Because the development rates of Africa and India in the south have started to rise much higher.

There is a population explosion in Africa. And the pace of development in India has started to surpass China’s. Now, when we look at it from India, Turkestan and Russia are located in the north of India. However, since there is no real cooperation and dialogue between India and Turkey due to Pakistan, India cannot reach Russia. There is only one channel it can reach.

Going to the Black Sea through the straits in Turkey and doing business with Russia. Where is the opening of this channel, that is, the opening of this cooperation channel?

Turkey, Russia, Turkestan, India and Africa. This is a cycle. And this cycle could not be in question along the line of the west east thing. When we looked at the figures, Turkey‘s exports were made to western countries on a large scale. Exports to the countries in the south and east are in low numbers. However, this foreign trade relationship with the West has not been able to bring about a political union. Turkey is an excluded party from the European Union.

From that point of view, when we take into account the uninterrupted cooperation between Russia and India due to this developing and uninterrupted Ukraine war, it is a new situation for Turkey.

It seems clear that the new horizons are in the north-south dialogue. Of course, the Chinese factor is also at play here. but there can be no cooperation between Turkey and China in China. Because our export there is not even at the level of three billion.

Our imports are more than thirty billion dollars and we are in a harmful position from here. In this respect, we see the axis of development in the North-South style, not in the West-East style, but in the North-South style.

I will look forward to your valuable thoughts on this matter. Goodbye dear friends. I hope to see you. Goodbye

Prof Herbert Reginbogin

Minute 5:28


Dear friends, when we look at our export performance in terms of continents, compared to Turkey‘s performance, the African continent in the south ranks first. In terms of the share we receive in the import supply of the continents, the share we receive from the African continent is at the top with three point four percent and we are in the eighth place.

In the European continent, which we have relations with in the import countries of Africa but with the Customs Union, our share from one point seven percent is one point seven percent. That is half of Africa. This is a notable issue. Of course, the share we get from Africa’s share in imports will rise even higher in the future.

When we look at it in terms of directions, west and east seem to be a contradiction, while north and south contribute to each other. Of course, Russia, Turkestan in the north, and Africa and India in the south would have contributed to each other, provided that the central country was Turkey.

Levent Agaoglu

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