Turkish Wisdom

  1. PERSON: “Life, Death, Creation”
  3. TURKISH WISDOM: “Knowledge is Power”
  4. ROOT: “Wearing Sky…”
  5. HEARTH: “Bottomless Sea”
  6. TURKISH BELT: “Kut Kuru” “Turkish Generation”
  7. PUBLIC: “Genius is in the People”
  8. ASIA THE MINOR: “Science is Knowing Yourself”
  9. THE SOUL OF THE TURKISH PEOPLE: “Mankind has always been created mortal” (Kül Tigin Inscription, 731. North face. Line 10)

The starting point of our book, The Spirit of the Turkish People, is to reveal our human understanding, which reached the highest level in Yunus Emre, through language, with the utmost clarity, by moving from inscriptions to manuscripts. The fiction of the book, which is knitted with the concepts of person, self, public and generation, also created the synthesis of these concepts. 

The synthesis reached with the concept of power (power) shows that the inexhaustible power source comes to life in humans. The meaning of 7K and 1N (HUMAN) has been reached. The identification of a single person with power is a phenomenon created by the Turkish Spirit.

What is remarkable is that all seven concepts of analysis/synthesis are root words that have lived in Turkish for thousands of years. While the word generation was mentioned for the first time in the Divan-ı Lugat it Türk manuscript, the other four concepts were engraved on the stone in the inscriptions. The roots are deep.

Our souls carved on the stones of Greater Asia’s waterside (Yenisei, Orhun, Selenge) reaching eternity, following our human values, are on the tombstones of Eyüp town by the waterside of the Golden Horn of European Istanbul, in the neighbor of Asia Minor, at a unique geographical point where the two continents are closest to each other, It inherits as a place of rare artifacts, where the Turkish Spirit presents with all its elements, almost like a magnificent display cabinet; It is the three dimensions of the person who speaks.

In the Yenisey, Orhun and Eyüp inscriptions, the Turkish Spirit is like a farewell and testament statement. Life is accounted for and entrusted to future generations as an invaluable treasure. What belongs to the living generations is to fulfill their wills by showing loyalty to what their ancestors left behind, and to make the connection with the roots permanent.







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