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Türkiye/Turkey Chronology

The first use of the Turkey name, TRYCAE, accepted by the scientific community, was recorded in the 1st century AD by Roman historians named Pomponius Mela and Plinius. The people living in the east of Azov were recorded as Turcae/Tyrcae. Expressions close to the word “Turk” are found in Chinese sources in BC. It takes place in the 3rd century. Two Türkiyes (Tourkia) are mentioned in Byzantine sources, the first of which is “western Turkey”, which is the territory of present-day Hungary.

Yavitsas pistos krales Türkiyas

Yavitsas pistos Krales Turkiyas
To Turkey’s Loyal King YagBuca, Geyza.

Source: “The name Hungarians gave to them was Turkish” Prof Dr Osman Karatay

“Géza, faithful king of Tourkia, the land of the Turks”

The other is “eastern Turkey” and the territory of today’s Ukraine. These states are the Caspian state, which is referred to as Eastern Turkey, between the years 651-983, it dominated those lands, mainly covering the whole of Ukraine.

Another conclusion that comes out of this is that the Turkish states in Hungary, which is called western Turkey, Ukraine, which is called eastern Turkey, and in southern Egypt, which is also called Devlet it Turkey, are all Kipchak Turks.

As we recall and renew the information about our history that has been forgotten, we become aware of the facts, albeit late.

Türkiye Chronology

  1. Turcae (Herodotus, 500 BC)
  2. Tyrcae (Pomponius, Plinius AD.1st century)
  3. Tourkia (Khazaria) (Byzantine sources) 650 AD: The name “Eastern Turkey” was given to the Khazars by the Byzantines.
  4. Tourkia (Hungary) (Byzantine sources) 650 AD: The name “Western Turkey” was given to the Hungarians by the Byzantines.
  5. Turchia (1200 AD, Italian)
  6. Devlet it Türkiye (MS.1250 Egypt): “Al-Dawlat al-Turkiyya” (State of Turkey) A name given to the Mamluks.
  7. Tujue (Chinese)
  8. “Turkestan” (Persian)
  9. The name “Türük el” is a name mentioned in the Bilge Kagan Monument.
  10. The name “Turcarum Imperium” (Turkish Empire and its derivatives) is a name given to the Ottoman Empire by the Europeans. Although the Ottomans did not use this name, they used the name “Turkey” since the 19th century.
  11. Turkey (1923)


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