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Turkish Inscriptions

While a German scholar, Daniel G. Messeschmidt in 1721 and a Swedish officer Strahlenberg in 1730 were researching Turkish inscriptions in Asia, the Turkish states at that time were unaware of this.

The one who translated the Orkhon Inscriptions into our first language is Şemsettin Sami, born in Fraşeri, who lived between 1850-1904.

He could not publish his book and his notes were delivered to the Albanian archive by his heirs.

The German and the Swede know us better than Turks. The aim is to make people forget Turkishness. The very essence of what they call Gagauzia is the GökOguz Turk. The men called Gagauz as Christians, and the Christian Turks in Konya-Karaman were sent to Greece as Greeks in the population exchange.

A distinction is made between Turk’s Muslim and Christian.



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