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Turkey has its own unique identity

Turkey has its own unique identity; Alev Alatlı.

The sun does not rise every day to a more complete world. History is not a straight line stretching from eternity to eternity, but a cyclical formation. One day, the back will be ahead of the front. For example, Ahmet Yesevi was far beyond Kadızade Mehmet.

If you are to compare Turkey to anything, you will liken it to a fringed vine that shoots out of every knot. You will see that one shoot is standing in flower, the other is drying and the other is producing grapes. You will acquire the habit of not being stuck in a single exile, but looking at the whole.

Just like a vine, it cannot be understood with a straight mind, does not come to compass or ruler, Turkey has its own unique identity, it does not sink. If it sinks, the oceans will overflow, and no one can afford it.


“The result of an order involving the Great Machine is desperate ‘alienation’. Westerners are in a constant state of warfare; they are conditioned to death. People expect hostility, not favor, even from outer space. It is a reflection of a way of thinking. We are a candidate country for what it is today. I am trying to send a message to the West with this book. If Westerners try to allocate their knowledge to the command of humanity, there may be salvation for humanity. I believe that in the next millennium, religious beliefs will be reorganized to allow justice in the world. “Mankind has always known how to save itself from the worst darkness. Westerners cannot do this alone because they have emptied their own religion, at this stage, the religion of Islam will transform and step in.”


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