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Turkey and Regional Powers by Jeffrey Sachs

The role of regional powers such as Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia will increase

The world is moving from unipolarity to bipolarity again. How will this reflect on globalization and the world economy?

In fact, we are moving towards a multipolarity in which many countries, including Turkey, play an expanding role and the role of the United States is relatively diminished. Regional powers such as Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia will play a greater role in the coming period. In my view, Turkey’s strategy should be based on regional cooperation (somehow overcoming the divide with Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean as well) and good relations with all major powers, including the US, China, EU and others.

If the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and West Asian countries (including Iran) can overcome their divisions, the benefits will be enormous. This is the case in most parts of the world where long-standing divisions hinder solutions to climate change and economic development. This is also true in other parts of the world where long-standing divisions hinder solutions to economic development.

Countries should resist US attempts to force them to take their side against China. Such divisive policies are very bad for the world and pose a danger to global peace.


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