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Glory of Knowledge by Yusuf Has Hacip

  • God created man, selectively raised him; He gave him virtue, Knowledge, reason and understanding.
  • He both loved him and spoke his tongue; He bestowed beautiful form, beautiful demeanor and movement.
  • He gave Knowledge to him and man rose today; it gave him understanding and so the knots were broken.
  • To whom God gives understanding, reason, and Knowledge, he reaches out to many good deeds.
  • Know great knowledge and great understanding; These two things raise the elite servant.
  • As a witness to this, here comes the following promise; hear this word and interrupt it about it.
  • Wherever the understanding is, it wins greatness; Whoever has knowledge finds greatness.
  • Understanding moments, Knowledgeable knows; Whoever knows and understands always attains his wish.
  • Know the meaning of knowledge; Look, what Knowledge says: Disease goes away from a person who knows information.
  • An uninformed person will always be sick; If the disease cannot be cured, man will die quickly.
  • O Uninformed, go get your sickness cure; O mes’ûd Sage, tell me the medicine of ignorance.
  • Understanding is a halter; If man holds it, he attains his wish and attains all his desires.
  • Understanding will benefit people a lot; If man knows Knowledge, he becomes a saint.
  • Do all your work and power through understanding; Protect your time from waste with Knowledge.
  • O wise judge, my wish was to speak a word that would remain for those who will come after me.
  • Understanding defied and: —Be careful; If your word is wrong, it will do you harm – he said –
  • The language of the people is bad, it tugs you; the nature of man is jealous, he eats his flesh.
  • Looking carefully, my burden eased; I said to myself: – Tell me, pour out the contents.
  • If you ask why, I’ll tell you; O man valiant, listen to my word.
  • This yalnguk (human) name was given to man because he was wrong (yangluk); to be wrong (yangluk) was created for human (yalnguk).
  • Can you tell me someone who is not mistaken; I’ll show you thousands of people from the side.
  • Knowledgeable people are few; Uninformed is many; Know that there are many people with no understanding; those who understand are rare.
  • Uninformed Knowledge has always been an enemy; Uninformed is always in conflict with Bilgili.
  • There is a lot of difference from person to person; this difference comes from Knowledge, my word is about it.
  • I said this for Bilgili, I do not know the language of the ignorant.
  • I have no word with the Clueless; O Knowledgeable, here I am your servant.
  • I apologized to you, hesitantly, for having spoken my word to you.
  • The one who speaks the word may be mistaken and confused; If savvy asks, he corrects and corrects it.
  • The word is halter like a camel nose; she goes, like a female gooseneck, wherever it is pulled.
  • There are many who say the word deliberately; the one who understands the word for me is the saint.
  • All good is the benefit of Knowledge; With knowledge, even the way to the sky is found.
  • Say your every word with Knowledge; Know that you are great with every precise Knowledge.
  • Word came down from heaven, like black earth; man made himself valued with his word.
  • Human heart is like a sea without a bottom; Knowledge is like the pearl lying at its bottom.
  • Unless one takes the pearl out of the sea, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a pearl – or a ‘pebble stone’.
  • It is no different from gold under black soil; When you get out of there, the head of the gentlemen becomes a brick buckle.
  • If he does not reveal his Knowledge with his tongue – even if he lies for years, his Knowledge will not enlighten his neighborhood.
  • Understanding and Knowledge are very good things; If you find it, use them and fly into the sky.
  • Listen to what this country man says, who knows what Understanding and Knowledge is.
  • To hold the world, man must be understanding; it takes both reason and courage to dominate the people.
  • He who held the world held it with understanding; ruling the people, he did this work with Knowledge.
  • Since Adam came to the world, good order has always been given up by understanding people.
  • Regardless of the age, the higher place has always been the fortune of Bilgiliye.
  • The worst of the people is hanged by understanding; mischief among the people is suppressed by Knowledge.
  • If you can’t handle things with either of these, drop the knowledge, put your hand on the sword.
  • The ruler of the people, the ruler and the wise gentlemen, took care of the uninformed people with the sword.
  • Know knowledge and let your place be the head and corner; Knowledge is a solid shield for humans.
  • What good is an ignorant heart and language; With knowledge, like water, be useful to every pouch.
  • No matter how much you know, call again; Look, the one who knows reaches his wish by asking.
  • If you say I know, you are far from Knowledge yet; You are among those who know, you are regarded as the Uninformed.
  • Knowledge is a sea, it has no ends; If the sparrow sucks, how much water can he get from it.
  • With this Scholar you feel dizzy; push yourself away from yourself who don’t know him.
  • You either know Knowledge, become human and raise yourself, or take the name of an animal and get away from humans.
  • The scholar’s face does not smile, his face is always thoughtful and frowned; Uninformed always laughs in joy.
  • How the knowledgeable person laughs in this anxiety; O ignorant, you like a mountain goat, struggle, walk around.
  • The feet of the scholar are stunted, he cannot get up and run; Uninformed, look, he runs endlessly after his desires.
  • O Sage, you have a shackle on your feet; If he is uninformed, he walks; If an ignorant gets stuck, you tighten his mole.
  • Here I reached out to him, asking for Knowledge; I put the word into words, sorted it out and listed it.
  • One of them – it is tenderness that degrades people; all three of them stem from Lack of Knowledge.
  • Whoever is harsh and stubborn, his business always goes wrong.
  • If a person is famous for telling lies, know that he is always remembered with this fame among those people.
  • What else is worse than stinginess; Hasis collects, can not eat and the goods remain behind.
  • What does knowledge say about wickedness?
  • You knew how to collect gold, but you didn’t know how to eat it, so you had to pile this gold, have one, why didn’t you give it to someone else.
  • O one who can not gather this world and eat it, the eaters are prepared, you prepare the food.
  • Happiness belongs to whoever has those three things; Whoever has these three things, his name is destroyed.
  • Is man born wise, or does he learn as he gets older?
  • He gave a learned answer: – O ruler of the state, one name of this virtue is Knowledge and reason.
  • Man is born without knowledge and learns as he lives; With knowledge, he will be successful in every job.
  • The mother born without knowledge is born without knowledge, learns Knowledge and thus gains reputation.
  • Mind is what cannot be achieved by working; God adds it to the dough of man.
  • Man learns all virtues other than mind and thus his Knowledge develops.
  • Even though Saadet comes and suits Bilgisize better, it is more suitable for Bilgililer because he knows the nature of it better.
  • If happiness could live with Bilgisiz, of course, it would be compatible with Bilgili more fundamentally.
  • If Saadet raises his Knowledge, of course, he will raise the Knowledge more than him with fame and name.
  • Even if happiness and dignity come to you, know that this happiness will not be permanent in him.
  • Knowledgeable man gave the following advice with his Knowledge: If you find a righteous and honest person, draw him to your eye, like driving him.
  • Some thief, crook, side-cutting, swindler; some would be Wise, some would be fatal and destructive.
  • It is always for one’s throat and back to suffer so much; collects goods, cannot eat; He remains under the plague after his death.
  • These are always the work of Uninformed people; Uninformed people are a herd of animals.
  • Knowledgeable man, who believes in God, confesses whatever is in his fortune.
  • O sir, give the job to the person who works, to the person who works, to the right and honest act.
  • Such benefits come from Knowledge; It comes from a wise, knowledgeable and good-natured person.
  • How can a smart person not grudge, how not to be fooled by a fool.
  • The work of the mind is always determined according to measure; The work of the ignorant is always cut off randomly.
  • How beautiful happiness suits the smart; How well happiness suits the wise or well-acting Bilgil, think.
  • Listen to what he says; Let the meaning of this word be the basis for your words.
  • If the state and happiness come without knowledge, there will be mischief among the people and this will be a fatal disaster for the country.
  • If the principality falls into the hands of a wise person, he will bring peace to his country; you believe this word.
  • The ruler found peace, his day brightened; Thank God, he praised and senated.
  • He gazed up to the sky, raised his hand and said: – O my Lord — You are the Giver of Knowledge.
  • You gave information and made me sovereign of the country with might; give strength to my heart and do not take me away from the right path.
  • If man knows Knowledge, his happiness increases day by day in life; no matter how small he is, his place is big.
  • If God bestows reason and heart in creating, the child will have a full capital for Knowledge.
  • He develops day by day, his mind evolves gradually, and he learns and knows what he wants.
  • Thus, he attains Knowledge and one day becomes Wise; With this Knowledge, it is very useful to the country.
  • If God does not give his heart in creating, man cannot reach any wishes.
  • There is one more condition; If the child asks for Knowledge, he must start learning from a young age.
  • As a small child, a person learns Knowledge and when he grows up, he attains his wish.
  • The human learns knowledge, virtue, good attitude and movement, and thus his departure is improved.
  • Whether it is knowledge or virtue, man can learn; but the mind is born with man.
  • All kinds of goodness come from the mind; human grows and stands out with Knowledge.
  • The human-son has risen with these two; he will succeed with these two things in the path of righteousness.
  • Man is separated from animal by his Knowledge; What else is greater than knowledge.
  • Mind has a saying like this; If used reasonably, it is very useful.
  • Knowledge is what separates man from animal; man-son has become dominant with Knowledge.
  • Walk, don’t be an animal; be smart and learn Knowledge; Say it with knowledge, let your word be valid.


He Tells That The Value Of The Son Of Man Comes From Knowledge And Reason

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