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Starting from Tonyukuk, our thinkers mostly came from the settlements by the rivers. Important settlements are always on the riverbanks. The city of Balkh on a bank of the river (Mevlana), on the other side the city of Tirmidhi (Abu Hanife). And many more ancient cities.

Khorasan=Anatolia=Country of Sunrise. One side of Ceyhun river is Tirmiz and the other side is Belh. It is by the river in Ghazni. Side of Seyhun Tirmid: Ebu Hanife. Yellow Riverside: Tonyukuk. The intense influence of Buddhism in the regions where both thinkers are located is also observed. Environments with differences bring intellectual enrichment.

The wisdom/thought of Tonyukuk in our zero stone was continued by Imam Azam Ebu Hanife and Imam Maturidi of Uzbekistan origin. Instead of the sources coming from Egypt from our south, we should turn to the neglected Orkhon-Turkistan source of thought in our east. Our basic concepts and codes of thought are contained in these main sources in the East. Unfortunately, these main sources of thought at birth have been neglected. Turkish Thought must be revived.

Turkey’s intellectual source; It is Turkistan, Tonyukuk-Abu Hanife-Maturidi-Yesevi-Mevlevi line. Mevlana, the last of these founders, all of whom were born in Turkistan, also put the point in the Greek land of Anatolia; One of his successors, Haci Bektas-i Veli from Khorasan, this time created a Rumelian idea in Europe. The source thinkers of the cultural revolution are in Turkestan. Ebu Hanife and Tonyukuk are contemporaries of the 7th and 8th centuries.

The more Hanafi we are, the more Tonyukuki we are. How Hanafism is the most common practice (fiqh) style of Islam, and Maturidiism in creed; The basis of Turkish sociology and culture is Tonyukuki. His contemporary and kin, Abu Hanifa, had become the leader of the largest sect of the religion of Islam, and many books were published and interpreted about him, but our first thinker, Tonyukuk, was sad and left alone.

Mevlana’s birthplace: Belh. Abu Hanifa’s birthplace: Tirmidhi. Both cities are in the region of Ancient Bactria (Afghanistan and its vicinity). Elmar Holenstein: Atlas of Philosophy

Map 1: Greater Khorasan Geography

Greater Khorasan

Mevlana; from Afghanistan

Yunus Emre; from Anatolia

Arabi; from Andalusia

Abu Hanifa; from Uzbekistan


They enlightened Turkey

The distance between BELH, the birthplace of Mevlana, Afghanistan and TIRMIZ, the birthplace of Abu Hanifa, and Uzbekistan is very close.

In your program, it was announced for the first time that Imam-i Azam Ebu Hanife is a Turk from Tirmidhi, Uzbekistan. great service




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