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ANCIENT TURKISH CITIES of the Silk Road by Ahmet Yeşiltepe, Time Traveller, NTV

Time Traveler – In Search of the Turks / Kashgar and Balasagun

The “Time Traveler” goes to the ancient settlement Balasagun, the legendary capital of the Karakhanids, the first Turkish state to convert to Islam. Here, he tells about the transition process of the Turks to Islam and the turning point events. It stops by one of the forgotten markets of the Silk Road and the Osh Bazaar, which is still operating today. Bringing the region where the Talas war took place in 751 to the screen, Time Traveler asks Central Asian experts the question “Who are the Turks” at the National History Museum in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. This section ends with the chapters from the Epic of Manas.

Time Traveler – In the Footsteps of the Turks/Turkish cities that hosted the Islamic Renaissance; Bukhara and Khiva

The “Time Traveler”, 36 thousand kilometers long journey starting from the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia and following the footsteps of the Turks, makes its season finale in Transoxiana, west of Uzbekistan. The “Time Traveler” goes to the cities in Central Asia where the period considered as the “Islamic Renaissance” began; to Bukhara and Khiva. Time almost took a break in these lands, where pioneering scientists such as Ibn Sina, Biruni and Harezmi were born and raised, and where Islamic scholars such as Imam Bukhari, Hoca Ahmed Yesevi and Bahauddin Nakşibendi grew up.

The “Time Traveler”, which tells about the first two centuries after the conversion of the Turks to Islam in Bukhara, passes from here to Khiva, one of the capitals of the Khwarazmshahs, on the banks of the Ceyhun River (Amu Derya). “Time Traveler” tells the story of many cultures and civilizations that established states in this geography, from Samanids to Khwarazmshahs, from Oghuzs to Seljuks.Khiva is also the location where the first season finale of the documentary series was recorded.

Time Traveler – In Search of the Turks / Timur Bey and his magical city; Samarkand

Uluğ Bey Observatory, the world’s oldest observatory, and many more historical and cultural heritages come to life with their little-known stories. “Time Traveler” brings together ancient settlements that have not been visited until now, combining the migration routes of Turks from the Silk Road route.

Time Traveler – In the Footsteps of the Turks/Ancient Turkish cities of the Silk Road

He visits the tomb of Yusuf Has Hacib, the author of the book Kutadgu Bilig (Knowledge That Brings Happiness). He explores the ancient treatment methods of Uyghur physicians who sell scorpions in Kashgar Bazaar.

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