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ART&CULTURE of the Turks by Ahmet Yeşiltepe, Time Traveller, NTV

Time Traveller – In the Footsteps of the Turks/Nowruz in Central Asia

“Time Traveler” is in East Turkestan again in the third episode of Discovery – Special broadcasts… Now it’s Nowruz time. A journey from the Tarim Basin to the Taklamakan Desert to a different climate where Nowruz is celebrated. The “Time Traveler” meets the Uighurs again after 3 years, this time telling the story of Kashgar. In the documentary prepared and presented by Ahmet Yeşiltepe, extraordinary scenes from the first Islamic capital of the Turks are on the screen.

Time Traveler – traditional Turkish music; Throat Songs

In this episode, “Time Traveller” traces the ancient music of the Turks, “throat songs”… He meets Kongar-Ool Ondar, one of the most important names of this music, and attends a lecture where these songs are performed at the conservatory directed by him. He also witnesses a traditional meeting where shamanic rituals are held and explores the origins of a millennial musical tradition around the Yenisei river. The “Time Traveler” is also herding horse on the steppes in the Republic of Tuva, which has one of the world’s best preserved ancient cultures. “Time Traveler”, which also explores the culinary culture of Tuvan Turks, finally brings the extraordinary stories of Yenisey Monuments to the screen. This section also includes an interview with the President of the Tuva Autonomous Republic, Şolban Kara-Ool.

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