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Tonyukuk, Yenisei, Orkhon Inscriptions of TURKS by Ahmet Yeşiltepe, The Time Traveller, NTV

The Time Traveler – In Search of the Turks/Tonyukuk Inscriptions

In the second part of his Discovery – Special edition, “Time Traveller” brings to the screen the archaeological excavations around the Tonyukuk Inscriptions in Mongolia. Is Tonyukuk’s tomb the beginning of the shrine tradition in the Turks? The monumental granite stones, on which the word “Turk” was written for the first time, are still standing in the Mongolian steppe with many unknowns. Important scientific discoveries are being made during the excavations carried out by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency TIKA, around these inscribed stones and the Tonyukuk tomb complex, where the Göktürks wrote their history in the 8th century AD. The documentary prepared and presented by Ahmet Yeşiltepe also includes information about these discoveries and the museum to be built in the region.

Time Traveler – Legacy of Ancient Turks; Yenisei Monuments

The “Time Traveller” crosses the God Mountains… On the side of the Koksaal Mountains on the China-Kyrgyzstan border, he reaches Çolpan Ata, known as Göbeklitepe of the Ancient Turks, on the shore of Issyk-K Lake. He is making an extraordinary journey of discovery in the region, which has been used as a worship area for thousands of years. The ancient ruins were discovered and taken under protection during the Soviet period. The rock paintings, which the researchers describe as the “Turks’ Subconscious”, are the most important haunt of the Time Traveler in this episode. Also in the chapter, a nomadic Kazakh tribe in the Koksaal Mountains and the Muslim Chinese living around Lake Issyk Kul; The stories of Dungans and Kipchak Turkish tribes are on the screen.

The Time Traveler – In Search of the Turks/Orkhon Inscriptions

One of the most interesting capitals of the world, Ulan Bator… We see Bilge Kagan’s golden crown in the “Turkish Period Artifacts” section of the National History Museum here. The museum with a rich collection of artifacts and objects from this period is the “Inscriptions Museum” in the Orhun Valley. The Orkhon Inscriptions are examined in the most interesting details. The little-known story of the giant rock inscriptions carved for Bilge Kağan and Kültigin comes to the screen. Ahmet Yeşiltepe and his team then return to Ulan Bator and continue their journey in time in the Terelj region where the Tonyukuk Inscriptions are located.



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