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Hello my dear friend, Today is Sunday, November 1, 2020. Today, we are starting a new month from the days of Istanbul, which is starting to cool. The subject I want to talk to you about is the world of Turks. I would like to share some of my observations on this subject with you.

What do we mean, although the world of the Turks covers very large areas?

Although it covered a vast area from one end of Asia to the other end of Europe, Africa, North Africa, deep into Africa, up north, inside Russia, Eastern Europe, the Turks were intertwined with each other. they continue to argue.

What are these large areas?

Turkish is the leading language in this field with these wide areas, more than 7500 place names, which give place names to geographies and countries outside of itself in the world. Attention, this is not in English. What was it, the empire where the sun never sets, it is not French, it is not German at all. Turkish is a language that has given the names of more than 7500 places to geographies outside the borders of today’s Turkey.

Now, in the face of such a reality, what we need to do is to work on the geographies and countries where we have these traces, to enter these worlds, to keep our culture and language alive here.

However, what we are doing is, on the contrary, we are closing in on ourselves, we are eating each other in vicious circles, endless, arguing, conflicts and enmities.
Then this is what it looks like. The world outside of us is stuck inside of us. Unfortunately, we are faced with this bitter reality, although what needs to happen is to expand our own cultural assets and language in the world outside of us.

Goodbye, see you again.
Let there be outside worlds.
Good day, good trading.

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