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Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom: Adrift in Istanbul

Kindle Edition by Lisa Morrow (Author)

Format: Kindle Edition

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When the dream of living in a foreign country is rudely shattered by gritty reality, there are two choices. Turn tail and run or bravely face what life throws at you. Welcome to a roller coaster ride through the unpredictability of life in Turkey while struggling with the demands of home and away.

After repeated visits to Turkey, the first during the Gulf War, Lisa Morrow left Australia in 2010 with her partner Kim to settle in Istanbul. Having travelled extensively throughout the country as well as already having lived in both Istanbul and Central Turkey for a few years, she was sure the transition would be simple. However while Turkish culture seems easy to understand, you only have to scratch away the surface and the complexities can be overwhelming.

When they arrived in Istanbul Lisa was still trying to overcome the effects of her mother’s death and struggled to know who she was. Her feelings of uncertainty were exacerbated by having to deal with Turkish real estate agents, bureaucracy and cultural difference, as well as friendships with Turks who seemed the same as her but were in fact very different. The stress of getting settled was only just starting to abate when she had to rush Kim to hospital and then received bad news from home.

“Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom: Adrift in Istanbul” is an honest and engaging account of life in Istanbul, written by an expat who uses her training in sociology to take the reader right into the heart of Turkish culture



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