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Ethnic and Active Structure

Dear friend, have a nice Sunday. Today is September 27, 2020.

It’s a Sunday after the autumn leaves start to fall. Our short conversation with you today will be about the ethnic and active structure of Turkey. The issue of ethnicity in Turkey is a topic that has been brought to the agenda, especially starting from the 40-odd ethnic group books in Turkey published by the German foreign services, and a rift, a structure has been created over the subject. It continues as a bleeding wound. However, we will share with you our views on the subject that we paradoxically interpret our ethnic structure as an active structure.

I’m traveling abroad, I’m in Tunisia years ago for my job. We are chatting with the Tunisian merchant who is my interlocutor there. During the meal, he said that he was of Albanian origin. Now let’s see, the Ottomans take the Albanians and send them from Albania to Tunisia. Now we count the Albanians inside. We count this number of Albanians in Turkey because there are so many Albanians or other ethnic elements. Laz, Kurds, Circassians, Abazas are countless.

Now, I think that this ethnic characteristic is actually a very effective structure, it is a very important force for us, and we should be aware of this. These ethnic elements we have mentioned are the effective power of Turkey. We are constantly inside, directing our gaze inward, thus carrying sad thoughts.

Again, this time I’m in Egypt, we’re on the road 2-3 years ago, we’re on the ring road, trucks are constantly passing in front of me. Behind them is always written Abaza. Now there, this is a very large transport company and its owners are the bosses Abaza Circassians. Now look again, this time we met a Circassian in Egypt, right?

Now, we should develop this point of view against those who want to direct ethnicity to the outside in our eyes and divide us internally with these elements, especially to divide our minds. Ethnicity is our activity, our immense power. When we look at this power, these ethnic elements within us abroad, they also have conversations in the Turkish language, they are the strongest elements of our state and our nation.
Greetings and friendship.

Have nice Sundays again.

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