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Wisdom Proverbs V.W by Greek Philosophers


They say that a guest in a foreign country does not see a smiling face for more than one day. Euripides, Heracles


Self-defeat is the foremost and most beautiful of victories, and defeating oneself is the ugliest and worst of all defeats. Plato, Nomoi

Nor those shiny golds that mortals scarcely find in their hopeless life; neither jewels, nor silver mattresses that people value so much; nor fields where heavy wheat grows by itself on the vast plains; They cannot be as bright as the thoughts of virtuous people. Plato, Epistolei

Is there anything better than doing good when you have the opportunity and strength? Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannosm

If only I could live long enough to repay those who have done me good or evil in the same way and with more. Xenophon, Anabasis

It is good, true, a sacred and sweet duty to remember the good rather than the bad. Xenophon, Anabasis

Donate to the poor immediately, do not tell him to come tomorrow… Never be ruthless towards the poor person. Phocylides, Gnotnai

Do not take bad things from the father. More jealous than pity. Thales of Miletus

Don’t do it yourself what you don’t like in others. Do not blame the unfortunate; because they suffered the wrath of the gods. Forgiveness is stronger than revenge. Pittakos of Lesbos

From pride a cruel person is born, a pride fed by excesses and follies sees itself on high. But his fate is to fall into an endless abyss. Sophocles, Oedipous Tyrannos

The best way of life is to strive for justice and other virtues. Plato, Gorgias

Not to be mean-spirited: Here is God’s greatest gift. Aeschylus, Agamemnon,

It is worthy of pity, not to laugh at the misfortunes of others. Those who are happy with the disasters of even their relatives do not understand that everyone is a partner in destiny, and they cannot find joy in their homes. Democritus

Praise neither the life that is dependent on any head, nor the servile under duress. Aeschylus, Eumenides

The noble by birth suffer the shame of their children. Euripides, Heracles

For once, one should not like injustice and disregard the law; No one can predict what the future will bring. Such a person has smashed his own car of fortune with his own hand. Euripides, Heracles

We will love beauty, but we will not be flirtatious; We will love wisdom but not be slack. Thucydides, Historia

The path of virtue is long and steep; it’s hard to get to the top, but once you get to the top, no matter how hard it is, everything gets easier. Hesiod, Erga kai Hemerai

Virtue is not only a theoretical but also an experimental science. And the person who wants to be virtuous must not only learn well the lessons that lead him to virtue, but also practice industriousness and self-respect. Mousonios, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

Just as a tree grows with fresh air and cool winds, so virtue thrives with wise and just people. indaros, Nemeonikai

Stay away from bad people all your life. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

Never do anything ugly, either alone or with anyone else. More ashamed of yourself than anyone else. Pythagoras, Khrysa Epe

You have to be hardworking not only in words, but also at work. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

We should not only care about how we live, but also how we live with dignity. Plato, Crito, B

Give what God has given you to people in need. hocylides, Gnomai

When lies are preferred over truth in life, people’s lives pass in misery and pain. Aisopoe

Have so much respect for the truth all your life that your words are more convincing than all other people’s vows. Isocrates, Pros Nicoclea

Truth is always reliable. Sophocles, Antigone

Whoever will appear as a strong educator on the path of virtue is the one who takes the path of showing the right way and making believe with words, not the path of law and force. For he whom the law forbids from wrongdoing is likely to go astray secretly; A person who is made to believe in virtue is not expected to do anything wrong either secretly or openly. Democritus

Virtue accompanies those who have won him into their old age as a friend better than wealth and more useful than noble lineage. Isocrates, Pros Demonicon

Virtue is the union of the irrational parts of the soul with the logic. Theages, (Anthologia, Stobaiou)

If someone comes along and says that someone is blaming you, don’t try to deny the allegation. Just answer this: The one who said this no doubt did not know about his other shortcomings. If he had known, he wouldn’t have just said it. Epictetus

A man on the path of philosophy… is as alert to himself as to a man who is his most dangerous enemy and who is constantly trapping him. Epictetus

We are like people who are skinny and skinny because they can’t eat even though they have a lot of food. We have good morals. But these are for talk, not for practice. Our actions belie our words. We are not men. We want to play the role of philosopher. The load is too heavy for us…Epictetus


Everything becomes difficult, annoying, and if a person wants his own creation, what does not suit him. Sophocles, Philoctetes

Let us satisfy desires that, when fulfilled, will make people happy, and avoid those that will bring bad results. Plato, Gorgias

Immeasurable desires are not characteristic of an adult person, but rather of a child. Democritus, Trailer


Nothing beautiful is achieved without effort. Sophokleş, Elektra

Employees have flocks or gold; they endear themselves to the gods by working. It is a shame not to work, not to work. Hesiod, Erga kai Hemerai

If you turn your eyes to the many events happening around you, you will realize how effective effort and toil are. It’s just like water droplets carving out rocks over time and slowly. Plutarch, Moralia

From inaction and laziness comes cowardice, and out of toil and labor comes courage. Hippocrates, Fairy Aeron Hydaton Topon

It is utterly absurd for a man to do things beyond his power. Sophocles, Antigone


And when Zeus… created such a beautiful scourge……the immortal gods and mortal humans were stunned when they saw this deceptive beauty, This deep, endless source of magic that would seduce people. Because she came out of this source, in fact, she is the troublesome descendant of what we call that woman, She is the scourge of mortal people. Women who cannot get used to poverty. What they miss is always abundance. Just as bee swarms take shelter where they always feed, fruitful honey-bees bumblebees whose work is evil. While the honey bees weave white combs every day until the sun goes down, the Others take shelter in the hives and feed on the labor of others. And like this, thundering in the clouds, He created as troublemaker the descendants of women to mortal men, Those women whose deeds are evil, and brought evil against good with them. Whoever avoids getting married, in order not to worry about women, Is it possible that old age comes to him? He remains without support in his old days; As long as he lives, he does not stay without bread, But when he dies, his relatives divide the money. On the other hand, the one whose fortune is married. Even if he falls for a good woman in his right mind, bad things happen to him as well as good things; Especially if his wife is a crazy person. All his life, he will suffer and get tired of his life, It will be as if he has fallen into incurable troubles. Hesiod, Theogonia

Don’t let a woman be tempted by obsessing about it. His eyes are on your barn while he is talking to you, you have trusted a woman, or a thief. Hesiod, Erga kai HemeraU

Women pluck men, by whatever means, whether they love or be loved. Phaedros, H.

Only women’s hearts can quickly believe and get excited. Aeschylus, Agamemnon


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