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Wisdom Proverbs S.T by Greek Philosophers

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Lucky is the one who deals with science, tires himself, researches. He does not think of harming citizens, he never reaches injustice. He looks at the endless order of nature and asks how this universe was born, without taking his eyes off it. Such a person is clean, spotless, and his every deed is free from evil and doubt. Euripides, Trailer

Of all that we have, only knowledge is immortal and sacred. Plutarch, Ethics, E

All people by nature desire to know. Aristotle, Metaphysica I

If blindness is bad for the blind, ignorance is just as bad for the uneducated. Plutarch, Bioi Paralleloi, (Lysandros)

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I know nothing. Socrates (Plato, Apologia, B)


Don’t say what you want to do; If you fail, they laugh. Pittakos of Lesbos

Someone told you a secret. And you think that it is honorable, correct and polite to reveal your secret. You are a floozy and a fool…. He often wears the mask of an honest man who tells you his secret. This is not trust. This is bullshit. He also tells you what he tells you in your ear. is like a pierced cask. He will not be able to hide your secret, just as he cannot keep his own secret. Epictetus

There are some people who think something from afar and are afraid; When you reach them, their nothingness becomes clear. Aisopoe

Whatever you say to those who are cowardly by nature, it is useless, you cannot harden their hearts. Aisopoe


There has never been anything more painful and ugly than slander. Kleanthes, (Anthologia Stobaiou),

The good man does not even take seriously being slandered by the wicked. Democritus, Trailer

There are some people who are good, gentle, but when they have been slandered, they will do any evil to get revenge. Aisopoe


The tears and shrieks of mourning relieve the bitter ones. Euripides, Troades

Your joy should also be limited, your pain and complaint should be calm. For all your life will mingle with joy and pain. Phaedrus


By nature, human beings have a structure suitable for establishing a state. Aristotle, Politics

You worship, beg, your fawn to the master of the day… I don’t care at all. While it’s in his hand, whatever he wants, let him hang: It won’t last long because… his reign. Aeschylus, Prometheus Desmotes

The fact that the most important and indispensable methods necessary for the happiness of the city (state) and the practice of virtue become rooted and unshakable depends on their incorporation into mores through the education given to the citizens; The result obtained by using force cannot be stronger than this. Because, through education, which instills the order established by the legislator, young people will do everything with a conscious desire. Plutarch, Lycurgus

Peoples do not easily listen to people who are unable to govern themselves: heeding is dependent on the value of the one who commands; who guides well makes himself followed better. Just as the art of equestrianism is to make the horse fit comfortably under the rein, the art of kingship is to know how to put people at his command. Plutarch, Lycurgus

There is no wisdom left in a state that is caught up in impropriety and bad advice. Euripides, Heracles

Citizens do not act willingly under a master; because they work for a master. Yet free they vigorously defend what has now become their self-interest. Herodotus, Historiai

A state should obey laws, not absolute monarchs. If this is not the case, it will not be good for those who want everyone to obey their wishes, nor for those who do, or their children, or their children’s children… Those who want to make such gains are mean, vulgar souls. Plato, Epistolei

Whoever searches for what will be best for himself and his country, even if he suffers because of it, will end up right and beautiful. None of us are immortal. Plato, Epistolei

The character of the rulers is the same as that of the ruled. Isocrates, Pros Nicoclea

There is no greater evil than anarchy. This upsets both states and homes. Sophocles, Antigone

Power is obtained either by the love of the people or by money. Sophocles, Oedipous Tyrannos

When Socrates was asked which city was ruled illegally, he answered the city where the administrators were chosen from certain groups. Socrates, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

You should leave government jobs not richer, but with greater fame. Because public praise is much more valuable than money. Isocrates, Pros Demonicon

Only when you learn to be managed will you be able to lead. Solon, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

The uncultured people are often under the yoke of a tyrant. Solon, Trailer

In a change of power, the poor people often only change the master. Phaedros,

The mass of the people is a terrible scourge. Euripides, Iphigeneia he enAulidi

Multi-headedness is not good, one must be master. Homer, Elias

No law, no matter how good, can bring peace to a state if the citizens think that they have to spend everything madly and devote all their efforts to love affairs and think that they should not deal with anything but eating and drinking. Plato, Epistolei

Lykurgos immediately embarked on the work of drafting a constitution that would completely change the order, he believed in the need to establish a new regime: Just like using harsh drugs and laxatives to expel bad fluids to completely change the condition of a corrupt body afflicted with various diseases. Plutarch, Lycurgus

Lykurgos… convinced his citizens that it was necessary to make the whole country common property and to redistribute the lands in order to eradicate indecency, jealousy, stinginess, vanity and the more rooted and more destructive social diseases, namely wealth and poverty. Everyone would be equal in terms of livelihood, no one would have any superiority other than virtue… Because in fact, there was no separation and inequality between people. Separation and inequality could only be between bad behavior and good behavior. Plutarch, Lycurgus

If a person, or an oligarchy or a democracy, who is fond of pleasure and passion and attacks them with greed, governs a city or an individual with an incurable and incurable disease and a spirit that cannot hold anything back, he will disregard the law, and in that case… there is no way of salvation. there is none. Plato, Nomoi


I know that the gods are for constant change. Everything; the strong, the weak, the developed, the underdeveloped. They all submit to the changes of fortune. These states of the strong cannot continue indefinitely.  Mycenae, the city of those who had led the Hellenes, Nineveh, the king’s palace of the Assyrians, once dominated the Hellenes. Thebes who forbade them; what is left of them?… Everything that belongs to humans is such a coincidence and completely. It is temporary with. Pausanias, Periegesis tes Hellados

The sun has set again, darkness has descended on the roads again. Homer, Odyssey

Living is like a daily watch, the length of life is like a single day, after we get the light at the end of that day, we leave our place to those who come after us. There are those who do not live this life and are preparing to live a second life with great effort. In the meantime, however, the time left to them comes and goes. The most valuable thing to spend is time. Antiphon

Not only big things, not even a grape or a fig will ripen all at once. If you say to me: I want a fig now, you’re like, ‘Man, that takes time. Wait for the grain to be born, then I will answer so that it grows and matures. Whereas, you want the spirits to fully ripen their fruits in one shot. Is this true?. Epictetus


Why don’t I throw myself off this rock? Once I fall, I get rid of all the troubles. Better to die suddenly than to suffer cowardly every day. Aeschylus, Prometheus Desmotes

Will fully endured troubles make it easier to endure unintentional troubles. Democritus

No one has ever been born without a problem. Euripides, Iphigeneia he enAulidi

There is no worse evil for people than sadness. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

When Socrates was asked how a person can spend his life without any sadness; ‘This is impossible, because in a house or He replied that it is not possible for someone who lives in the city and meets with people not to be sad. Socrates, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

A sweet word cures sadness. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

Hold on, my heart, remember that you have endured much more despicable things. Homer, Odyssey


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