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Wisdom Proverbs H.I.J.L by Greek Philosophers

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If divine health leaves man, even good wisdom has no taste. Simonides, Trailer

Strive for your food to be less and clean. Pythagoras, Khrysa Epe

Those who eat the food they prepare with the greed of animals become fat in their own corner and spoil their souls and bodies. Because they eat whatever they want in such a way that they have to sleep for a long time like patients, bathe in hot water, rest, and deal with their health on the day of God. Plutarch, Lycurgus

Overeating stops the sap of living things and rebounds in its depth and breadth; If you eat less, your body will become lighter. It allows it to grow comfortably and freely. The scarcity of food also helps beauty. Because light body structures become more agile and more stature, and fat bodies become heavy and bulky. Plutarch, Lycurgus

Ah, that disgusting and insatiable appetite that has brought so many troubles to people. Homer, Odyssey

Food, drink, sleep, sex, all in moderation. Hippocrates, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

Diets that reach the limit of thinness are harmful; Undoubtedly, the toughness that reaches the last limit. Hippocrates, Aphorismoi

People ask the gods for health in their prayers, unaware that they actually have the possibility of health; They betray their health because of their excesses and ambitions. Democritus

The basis of health is the equivalence between wet and dry, cold and hot, bitter and sweet, and other things; dominance of one of them alone is the cause of disease. Health is always a mixture of these qualities to some extent. Alkmeon

A sound body neither seeks a physician nor help; can stay on his own. As long as a person is healthy, he is not a friend of the doctor because of his health, right? Plato, Lysis

If a patient living in a harmful way in his health consults a doctor, the doctor asks him to change his life first. He should say, if the patient listens to this, he should continue to look at him, to give advice, right? But if he does not listen, the man who no longer gives advice to such a person, I think is a true and true physician; Those who do not do so are cowardly and ignorant. Plato, Epistolei


The superior man, they say to him, always counts on hope; despair is for cowards. Euripides, Heracles

I consider the person who warms up with false hopes to be insignificant. Sophocles, Aias


Fear nothing… Then no one can have a terrible and overwhelming weapon against you, just as a horse does not have a terrible and crushing weapon against a horse, and a bee against a bee. Don’t you realize that your desires and fears are an armed army that your masters keep in your heart, just like in a castle, to enslave you? Fire this soldier! Hold your castle, your freedom has been fulfilled. Epictetus

This is how it is; There are many things that we are afraid of when we see it for the first time that we get used to it over time, and we don’t care. Aisopoe


Happy is the one who survived the storm that broke out while at sea, and reached the port… Happy is the one who overcomes the pain. Euripides, Bakkhai

Hopes for countless people. Some bring the expected happiness, some deceive people. Whoever lives today with joy, is happy, happy. Euripides, Bakkhai

Children of happiness are always beautiful in the hearth of the right people. Aeschylus, Agamemnon

It is best for man to live life with as much joy as possible and with as little hassle as possible. Comparing one’s own life with those of those who are worse off, one should feel relieved and consider themselves happy by looking at their suffering and thinking that they have a better situation and job than them. Democritus

Disasters are the same for everyone. Life is a wheel, happiness is changeable. Pbocylides, Gnomai

Happy is the person who does not suffer from what he does not have and is happy with what he has. Democritus

Don’t be arrogant, especially when you’re happy. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

It is not possible to live happily unless you are wise, honest and just, and there is no way to be wise, honest and just unless you are happy. A person who does not fulfill one of these conditions, for example, does not live in a smart way, cannot live happily, even if he is honest and just. Epicurus

It is not known what life is until the last day comes. If a person has not been troubled until the end of his life, only then can he be considered happy. Sophocles, Oedipous Tyrannos

O those who find happiness Before you die, do not think that you are happy. Euripides, Troades


The measure of everything is human, just as there are those who exist, and those who do not exist do not. Protagoras

Know yourself, know what it is. Protagoras

Man differs from other living beings in that he is the only grasping being, and although others perceive, they cannot comprehend. Alkmeon

It is not an easy task to do what humanity requires. Man is a temporary animal with a mind and differs from animals only with reason. When he moves away from reason, when he acts without reason, man disappears and the animal appears. Epictetus


God only loves those who hate to do injustice. Democritus

We should be more concerned with what the people have to say about us, not what a person who can distinguish between just and unjust has to say. Plato, Crito

Truly the greatest and foremost of all evils is not punishing the wrongdoer. Plato, Gorgias

If each of us fought against the wrongdoer willingly, thinking that the injustices that occurred would turn against us, and if we cooperated closely as all citizens, maybe the evil caused by malicious intentions would not have become so rampant. Menandros, [Anthologia Stobaiou]


There are all kinds of virtue in justice. Theognis, (Aristotle, Ethics Nicomacheia)

A just person is not only one who does not do injustice, but one who does not do it even though he has the opportunity. Philemon, [Anthologia Stobaiou]

Justice is doing what is necessary, injustice is not doing what is necessary and straying from the right path. Democritus, [Anthologia Stobaiou]

If the things someone does happen to them, that is true justice. Aristotle, Ethics Nicomachia

If we are going to make a mistake, it is better to free a criminal than to unjustly destroy someone; because the first is just a mistake, but to destroy someone unjustly is a great disrespect to religion and social values. Antiphon, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

Never let ignorant people judge. Phocylides, Gnomai

I hesitate to say anything important before it is certain that he is right or wrong.  Pindaros, Nemeonikai

Want to be right, not self-interest. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

Do not put your children, your life, or anything else above the law. lato, Crito

Be fair to friends and strangers alike. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

It is my duty to defend my right. Euripides, Iphigeneia he en Aulidi


Lying words never lead to anything. Sophocles, (Plutarch, Ethics)

The only thing liars get is that they are not believable even when they tell the truth. Aisopoe

Once a person is known, even if he says the truth with his bad order, it is unbelievable. Phaedrus


There is nothing stronger than love. Menandros, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

Those who are skilled in love do not praise their beloved until they have achieved something, unless they are sure of the end. Plato, Lysis, O

What makes those who want to live well live well throughout their lives? Relatives? No. Glories are honors? No. Is it wealth? No. Neither this nor that, nothing can make a person live as well as love. Plato, Symposium

A loving man tolerates disgrace to the entire army, even dying, rather than laying down his weapons and running away in front of his beloved… It is not the job of even the most cowardly man to leave his lover alone, not to come to his aid when he is in danger… This is the power that love gives to those who love. Plato, Symposium

No one should resist love. Whoever opposes him turns the gods against himself. Plato, Symposium

What we call a lover is a man whose common property falls into love, and who loves the body more than the soul. This love does not last long, because what is loved is not permanent. What he really loves, the lover’s body, does not fade like a flower, as soon as words and vows, love flies away. Those who love a person because they are beautiful inside love them for life, because they are constantly attached to something. Plato, Symposium


What a sweet thing to live long; in heart-warming hopes, with a heart sparkling with joy. skhyios, trometheus

Everything in life does not go the way people want. Pausanias, Periegesis tes Hellados, II.

In life… if you just fall for the night after every day without thinking about the pain, it can give you all the pleasures. Euripides, Heracles

Doubt is gnawing, albeit unfounded. Sophocles, Oedipous Tyrannos

We cannot live as we want, we live as much as we can. Menandros, Trailer

A person who loses his old dignity becomes amusement, even the scoundrels, in the bad and painful days of destiny. Phaedros, I

I should not boast that I have a reputation, I think; The days of consonant people are more fearless. Aisopoe

In everything you do, think carefully about what will happen and what will come after before you start, then get to work. If you don’t follow this path, you will initially feel pleasure in every move you make, because you have not planned what will come after. But in the end, when the disgrace reveals itself, you will be ashamed. Epictetus

If we want to sail, we need a good wind. While we wait for this wind in sadness, we often inquire what the weather is like. Ah, the north wind again. What to do with this north wind, which is of no use to us? When will it blow from the west? My friend, the west wind will blow whenever it wants, or rather, whenever it wants to dominate it. Epictetus

We live in sorrow at every moment, and if they say our master’s name, we become a dead man. So what is the master? This is not a man, because man cannot be the master of man. This; death, life, lust, suffering, poverty or money… But if I am not afraid, I am completely free and have no master but myself. Epictetus

Let’s take a look at how changeable life is so that we don’t think that we will finish every job successfully; Wouldn’t the day be beautiful but not stormy? Aisopoe

When a person goes well and rises, he should not be crazy about what happened, he should not forget the original, because there is no trust. to the Earth. Aisopoe


If the law is weak in a state, if it is broken, then I think the collapse is very close; but if the law is above the rulers and the rulers are its slaves, the state attains salvation and all the blessings of the gods. Plato, Nomoi

Laws have little chance of improving unless they are perfectly reformed under appropriate conditions. Plato, Epistolei

The law of the sane is God, the law of the foolish is pleasure. Plato, Epistolei

Laws are made for the wise; not so that they do not do injustice, but so that they do not suffer injustice. Epicurus

A person who has no share of respect and law should be destroyed like an epidemic for the benefit of the state.  Protagoras

Whoever acts justly, the gods become his friends.Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

The laws are strong because of you, and you are strong because of the laws. Then you should help the law as if you yourself had been wronged. You should also see injustice done against the law as done against yourself. Demosthenes, Kata Meidia

Laws are the soul of the state. Just as the body dies when it is deprived of the soul, so the state is driven to disaster if the laws are not followed. Demosthenes, [Anthologia Stobaiou]

He who does not do injustice does not need the law. Antiphanes, Trailer

Most of those who enact laws, which we call fair and just, do not obey those laws themselves. Aisopoe

If there is justice in a state and the judiciary obeys the right, the little ones can live comfortably like the big ones. Aisopoe

The law is king of all men. Pindaros, Trailer


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