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Wisdom Proverbs D.E.F.G by Greek Philosophers.

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Death is our destiny; When fate lays him on his deathbed, even the gods do not turn away from him his sinister death. Homer, Odyssey

What did this brave heart do, could he drive away the Black Death from him? Homer, Odyssey

Praise the dead for being lucky. Chilon of Sparta

The dead forget their troubles, do not shed tears. Euripides, Troades

The ornament of the dead is the brilliance of their great achievements. Euripides, Heracles

Dying a glorious death is a blessing from the gods for humans. Aeschylus, Agamemnon

Don’t kill me prematurely. Because it’s so sweet to watch the sunshine. Don’t force me to see the black earth.  Euripides, Iphigeneia he enAulidi

When death approaches, no one wants to die. Euripides, Alcestis

The born accept both life and death and leave children behind; so death is reborn. Heraclitus,

As is birth, so is death. The union of the soul with the body is in no way more perfect than its separation from the body. Plato, Nomoi

In fact, people wait for the death they never expected and do not believe will come. Heraclitus,

Death, exile, and the like-looking dreadful things; especially death is always in front of your eyes. Then you will not fall into vile anxieties and you will not want anything with enthusiasm. Epictetus

I will die when the time comes. But I will die like a man who gives back what was given to him. Epictetus


As everything seems to me, so it is for me, as it seems to you, so it is for you… the wind is not cold for the cold, not cold for the one who is not cold. Protagoras


There is nothing more useful and more beautiful for people than order. Xenophon, Oikonomikos

The warehouse of the one who does his job will not be full, the job you do not do will be good, the one who leaves his job unfinished will be in trouble. Hesiod, Erga kai Hemerai

Tomorrow I will be a different kind of man! Why don’t you start today? Today, start preparing for tomorrow, if you act otherwise, you will leave it for tomorrow. Epictetus


Just as pebbles are buried in the mud of a river, people’s fortunes and purposes are obscured by fate. Pausanias, Periegesis tes Helladost

Man is a prisoner of fate. It cannot be resisted. It is best to accept fate. Sophocles, Oedipous Tyrannos

Bravery lessens the blows of fate. Democritus


Life will be happy for us when justice and equality prevail for all. Solon, (Diogenes Laertios, Bioi kai Gnomai Ton Eudokimon Philosophon, I, )

Prefer equality and avoid greed. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi


Whoever thinks something bad for another, it will definitely come back to him. Pausanias, Periegesis tes Hellados,

Do not cure evil with evil. Herodotus, Historiai

Whoever kills pays with his blood, whoever does what he does will be punished. As long as Zeus sits on his throne, the tradition of finding people among people will prevail. Aeschylus, Agamemnon

In the face of evil, we must not take a step back and show our reaction. Menandros, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

Don’t be friends with bad people. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

Giving power to the wicked is equally dangerous as giving a knife to the madman. Iamblikhos, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

It is not easy to change a person’s bad character. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

How can Kharilaos be a good man, even the bad guys are not afraid of him. Plutarch, Lycurgus

Even if the cunning man sees himself in danger, he saves himself from someone else’s back. Phaedrus

It is necessary to do as much evil to his enemies as possible, and to do good to his friends as much as possible. But (it should not be forgotten), it is not possible to harm others without suffering the same evils oneself. Plato, Epistolei

Of all people, the worst and most deserving of punishment are those who dare to blame others for what they are guilty of. Isocrates, Peri Antidoseos

Do not be surprised that the wicked do not receive their punishment immediately, there is a time for everything. Aisopoe

If you do not care about the badness of people and try to do good, you will cause them to do you more evil. Aisopoe


Many beauties are hidden in silence. Sophocles, Aleadai, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

Hate to speak quickly so as not to be mistaken; Then comes regret. Bias of Priene

Think about what you did. Listen a lot, speak on the spot. Bias of Priene

The ability to give a good speech at a meeting and to persuade the audience is not the least of the gifts, but the highest, and is an invaluable thing that ensures the salvation of oneself, one’s being, and one’s friends. Plato, Hippias Meizon

Those who do not hold their tongue are subject to many calamities. Euripides, Aegeus, Fragment

Children had to be able to speak succinctly, to keep quiet for a long time to respond deftly. Just as the seeds of those who go to extremes in lovemaking are often barren and weak, so the words of those who go to extremes in intercourse are empty and meaningless. Plutarch, Lycurgus

He who knows how to speak also knows when to speak. Plutarch, Lycurgus

It is better for young people to remain silent than to speak. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi,

He who is capable of speaking wise words even though he is unjust deserves the greatest punishment. Because he believes that he can easily cover up the injustice with nice words, he will always dare to do despicable deeds. Euripides, Medea

It is the character of the speaker that convinces the audience, not his words. Menandros, (Plutarch, Ethics, c)

Shut up as much as you can or say the inevitable words and say them in few words. You need to talk from time to time. In this case, don’t talk about trivial matters… Don’t take people you know, especially for slurs, praise, and comparisons. If you can, correct your friends’ conversations with your words and turn them into moral matters. If you’re among strangers, don’t open your mouth at all. Epictetus

In speeches, like falling from the roof and at length; Don’t talk about the wars you’ve fought and the dangers you face. Even if you take pleasure in telling them, others may not enjoy listening so much. Epictetus

If there is an art of speaking well, there is also an art of understanding and listening. Epictetus


Ignorance, what a terrible disaster. Sophocles, [Anthologia Stobaiou]

The hopes of the educated are stronger than the wealth of those who have learned nothing. Democritus

It is also possible for the young to be wise and the old to be unwise; It is not time that teaches thoughtfulness, but education and creation in its time. Democritus

Spiritual education is a second sun for those who get it. Heraclitus, Trailer

Lykurgos had the thought that the greatest and most beautiful work of the lawgiver was education. Plutarch, Bioi ParalleloU (Lykurgos)

Just as we see that bees stop at all plants and get the best from each, those who want to raise themselves should benefit from all the information but choose the ones that are beneficial from all of them. Isocrates, Pros Demonicon

When Aristotle was asked what is the difference between the educated and the uneducated, he replied, ‘It is the same as the difference between the living and the dead. He says knowledge is an ornament in happy times and a refuge in sad times. Diogenes Laertios, Bioi kai Gnomai Ton Eudokimon Phitosophon

The foundations of virtue are in human nature; but its processing is the work of education. The untrained temperament is blind. Plutarch, Ethics, A, B

Those who neglect their education fail to understand that the result is an inability to think properly. Isocrates, Fairy Eirenes

It is much better to learn at an advanced age than to remain ignorant. Cleobulos, [Anthologia Stobaiou]

There is only one good thing: the right information. And there is only one evil, that is ignorance. Socrates, (Diogenes Laertios, Bioi kai Gnomai Ton Eudokimon Philosophon, E,)

It is just insane to want to teach what you neglected to learn. Plato, Alcibiades

If those who know something make someone else as knowledgeable as themselves, it shows that they really have knowledge. Plato, Alcibiades

Don’t try to know everything, so as not to be ignorant about everything. Democritus, Trailer

A physician goes to a patient and tells him: ‘You have malaria. Do not eat anything today, only drink water’. The patient believes him, thanks him and pays him. The philosopher also says to an uncultured person: ‘There is no end to your wild desires. Your anxieties are common. Your beliefs are false, false’. The uncultured walks out in anger and says he’s been humiliated. Where does this separation come from? Because the patient feels the pain, but the ignorant does not feel this pain. Epictetus

I am not ashamed to learn, I research, I am grateful to those who answer my questions; I have never been ungrateful to anyone; I have always admitted that I am indebted to the one who taught me something; I have never claimed to have discovered what I learned myself. I always praise the one who taught me, the one who taught me what I do not know, I refer to him as a knowledgeable man, and I spread what I have learned to all directions. Plato, Hippias Elatton


Painful experiences are instructive. Herodotus, Historiai

Sane people, once they have overcome a danger, will not be caught by it again. Aisopoe

They say see what happened to me, know how to protect yourself, the child will grow up without falling, at least grow up before you fall. Plato, Symposium

Disease teaches you to enjoy health, hunger, fullness, fatigue, rest. Heraclitus


Don’t you know that when the waves of the sea swelled up in a stormy weather, the captain got angry with the crew because of a small mistake? The reason is that in such a situation, even a small flaw is enough to ruin everything. Xenophon, Anabasis

Even the wisest person can make mistakes. Aeschylus, (Anthologia Stöbaiou)

Making the same mistake twice is not the hallmark of the wise. Menandros, Gnomai Monostikhoi

Try to correct your mistakes with self-control, not to cover up with words. Pythagoras, (Anthologia Stöbaiou)

It’s more helpful to control your own mistakes than anyone else’s. Democritus, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

A God-fearing, careful, and wise person will never be completely deceived in understanding the nature of traitors; but he may suffer the fate of a master helmsman, who has sunk into the waters because he sensed the storms properly but did not measure the great intensity of them that he had never expected. Plato, Epistolei

Doesn’t making mistakes stem from ignorance, which is to think that one knows what one does not know? Plato, Alcibiades


Before one dies, one must leave a good reputation behind. Plato, Phaedo


Both the eldest and the youngest of mortals love their children. Despite the difference in wealth and poverty between them, human beings are fond of their children. Euripides, Herakies

Discord between siblings arises from their excessive love or greed for their own home. I hate such painful kinships. Euripides, Iphigeneia he en Aulidi

If there is one sad thing, it is to be deprived of your children. Euripides, Iphigeneia he en Aulidi,

Show your parents that you are worthy. Periandros of Corinth

Treat your parents the way you would like your children to treat you. Isocrates, Pros Demonicon


The basis of happiness is freedom, the basis of freedom is bravery. Thucydides, Historia

Anyone who cannot impose himself on himself is not free. Pythagoras, [Anthologia Stobaiou)

It is difficult for people to submit to compulsion. Euripides, Iphigeneia he en Aulidi


Everyone is their first and greatest sycophant. Plutarch, Moralia

Better to be among the crows than among the minions; because crows eat the carcasses of the dead, while sycophants destroy people’s souls while they are alive. Antthisthenes (Anthologia Stobaiou)


Know yourself. Go slowly to the feasts of friends, and rush to their disasters. Chilon of Sparta

Remain as you were on your lucky days with your friends, and so on your unlucky times. Periandros of Corinth

If you are going to help your friends, do it on time, you tried to give advice after their business completely deteriorated. what’s the use? Aisopoe

Unity of thought creates friendship. Democritus

Make friends only those who are virtuous among people. Pythagoras, Khrysa Epe

It is only for true friends to be excited with justified anger to protect their friends. Euripides, Heracles

Will the unlucky man remain friends? Euripides, Heracles

A good man in high standing should not change his demeanor, but because he is prosperous, he should act more faithfully towards his friends when he can help them. Euripides, Iphigeneia he en Aulidi

In a difficult problem, a faithful person is as valuable as gold or silver. Theognis

It is easier to protect yourself from an enemy than from a friend. Alkmeon

The honest and good friend is the best of all possessions. Xenophon, Apomnemoneumata

Only virtuous people have friendships free from dishonesty. Aristotle, Ethics Nicomachia

It is in the nature of few people to appreciate their happy friends without envy. Aeschylus, Agamemnon

Go quicker in their very unhappy times than to your friends that they are happy. Khilon of Sparta (Diogenes Laertios, Bioi kai Gnomai Ton Eudokimon Philosophon, I, )

There are many people who protect themselves from their enemies, but without realizing it, they fall into the hands of friends who are even more dangerous than the enemy. Aisopoe

Don’t let the ridicule of your friends prevent you from changing your life. Do you prefer to be disgraced and befriend them, or to be virtuous and disgraced by them? Epictetus

Wish not to test your friends! Otherwise you will find that they are nothing but a shadow. Philemon (Anthologia Stobaiou)

It was an Athenian who did not do this, although he could gain many riches and honorable positions by betraying Dion. Because what bonded these two people was not a mere friendship, but a friendship that came from a similar education. A wise man soul and body. The cut should not rely on their intimacy, but on friendship of this kind alone. Plato, Epistolei

One day, when you see that your fortune has changed, you will want to have a man like me with you. Plato, EpistolaU Od

If a man you just met shows you more friendship than his friends of forty years, don’t be fooled by his love. Know that when your friendship progresses, if he meets other people, this time he will leave you and smile in their face. Aisopoe

If you have betrayed friendship, do not trust that those you have betrayed are not able to take revenge; Even if nothing can be done by them, the gods will not place that evil on you. Aisopoe


Rest and entertainment are essential needs of life. Aristotle, Ethics Nikhomachia

Life without fun is like a long road without an inn. Democritus, (Anthologia Stobaiou)

The spring that is always stretched out breaks quickly… the soul needs some fun to think well when necessary. Phaedrus


I will tell people that the gods thought of this destiny and all the others. If this thought of mine does not fit your mind, let him adhere to his own belief, and I will follow this. Sophocles, Aias,

He is wise but one who counts the gods. Always keep an eye on them, even if they say leave the right way, go where they show, nothing is bad if the gods are the guide. Sophocles, Trailer

I learn what to learn, seek what to find, ask the gods for what to beg Sophocles, Trailer

It is not right for us to expect help from the gods for such petty deeds; If we are to beg the gods, let us beg for great deeds. Aisopoe

If a person attacks holy things without fear of Dike, without veneration of the place where the gods live, and with senseless pride in his words and actions, I hope that he will be condemned to the disastrous fate that is the answer to this rebellion. Sophocles, Oedipous Tyrannos

Zeus, whoever he is, I will not hesitate to call him by that name if he likes it. I can’t find anything similar even though I weighed it. When a Zeus wants to get rid of the useless burden in my heart, I really. Aisld(Iylos, Agamemnon, Ö

Just as the mirror is brighter, cleaner, more enlightened than the mirror of the eye, so God is cleaner, more enlightened than the best part of our soul.  Plato, Alcibiades

Neither earth nor air nor water can save a criminal whom the gods want to strike. Aisopoe

As a child is before a man, so a man is before God. Heraclitus

When the gods are called to help, man himself must be engaged. Hippocrates

Let us also pray to the gods; but let’s try ourselves as much as we can to get rid of it. Aisopoe

I prefer things that can be seen, heard and experienced. Heraclitus

When you stand before kings and elders, remember that there is a greater king on high who sees and hears you and to whom you owe more. Epictetus


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