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What’s Turkey all over the world.

What Turkey represents, you can find all inside www.booksonturkey.com. Turkey is not only in Anatolian peninsula, the origins are in deep Asia. The cultures are shared altogether with many countries in three continents mainly Asia, Europe and Africa. So this is a great heritage for all humankind.

What Turkey means to my understanding is the World. Because the geography of Turkey is full of genes of humankind. Because Turks are famous for their hospitality and from the regions in Caucasia, in Balkans, in northern steps and in the south, in Africa, north Africa, Middle East, Inner Asia, all humankind accumulated in this peninsulas of Anatolia and Balkan peninsulas of Turkey.

So, I decided to share this human adventure with humans all over the world, to share my experiences. Because this comes from my exporter profession as I have been travelled to 32 countries within 32 years. Lately, before the pandemic, I was in India, stayed there almost a month in Egypt, in Iran and Qatar as well.

So these are the last 3 countries that I have paid a visit. I want to share all this information inside www.booksonturkey.com

Have a good day all my friends, good day to all of you.

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