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Life and Water. Water that generates life.

When hand in hand, hands become stronger together, rather than hand over hand.
Handling makes the distances short, you reach the result quickly.
We will develop the brotherhood of blood, especially the blood feuds, and the brotherhoods of water (creator) rather than blood (race), by overcoming the brood-blood deer of the young people, in a state of being “mixed in hands” of our citizens.

The name given to his son by the late Hasan Ali Yücel, one of our Mevlevi ministers, is CAN, and the name Can Yücel gave to his daughter is SU (Water).

Life and Water…Water that generates life.

While following the traces of the reflections of the metaphysical dimension of water in thought, our paths will probably extend to Asia, to the depths of Asia, to Turkestan, Siberia, Japan, China, and India.

Silk Road Religions, Richard C.Foltz, Medrese Publications 2006; In the Index part of the book (pp. 223), there are around 70 water references, and the translator of the book, Aydın Aslan, can be interviewed in time.

In our reflection, the spirit of water can be detailed by following the subject of water step by step.

The source is always the East floating in deep waters.

If we can identify and evaluate the references related to WATER in the foundations of our intellectual history that took shape in Asia during the 500-year period (780-1273), our journey to discover our own culture will be crowned with Transoxiana Thinkers. Here we capture the idea of ​​the river (WATER), fluid and fertile like water.

• MUSA EL KHAREZMI Transoxiana 780-850
• IMAM MATURİDI Transoxiana 852-944
• FARABI Transoxiana 872-951
• EL BIRUNI Transoxiana 973-1048
• Ibn Sina Transoxiana 980-1037
• YUSUF HAS HACIB;1017-1077
• NIZAMULMULK Khorasan 1018-1092
• AHMET YESEVİ Transoxiana 1093-1166
• MEVLANA Khorasan 1207-1273

What thoughts did he accumulate about water until our history of contemplation came to Mevlana?

It is interesting that when we found a geography surrounded by water on three sides, we stayed at the bridgehead while our feet were always on the ground, we did not wander around, we did not step foot, we did not leave a piece of black money. The most extreme point we have reached in Europe is the waterway edge in Budapest, and so is Vienna, which we besieged.

Triangle thinking method is probably the most advanced version of the dialogue, questioning, questioning and thinking method developed by Socrates. Lower-Middle-Upper, Introduction-Development-Conclusion, Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis, earth-sky-water, birth – life – death

When a straight line is drawn between two points, the angle does not form, but in triangle formation, there are three different angles, these angles can narrow and expand, establishing dominance in the field by establishing triangles in the football game, not getting the ball to the opponent.

The triangular structure can turn into a circular loop, the fact that our world is round was rejected by medieval Western thought. But Islam was capable of this knowledge.

There is only one line between two points, three lines between three points and which one is correct, let’s say there are three people, in the case of voting, a majority is formed, but in a two-person vote, unless two people agree, a decision cannot be made.


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