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Turks&Kurds: Anthology of Kurdish Poetry (2 volumes) by Selim Temo

Kurdish Poetry Anthology is the biggest photograph of a poetry adventure of thousands of years. A work focusing on the literary wealth of Kurdish, which is spread over a wide geography, revealing not only what is ignored but also what is thought to be absent. Presenting 520 poems by 293 poets with their Turkish translations, this anthology contains information and documents that will shed light not only on the contemporary but also on the historical.

The Kurdish Poetry Anthology is a book that opens up and makes debatable the common definitions about both Kurdish and Kurdish literature, and classical Eastern literature in general. This book, which reveals the stages of Kurdish poetry in history and the changing sociological-class profiles of Kurdish poets, is a wide range of literary works from great masnavis to the oldest cem poems, from mawlids to pioneering poems, from the important poems of dervish lodge and palace literature to the coded poems of Batini sects and from poems about cosmogony to contemporary poetry.

The Kurdish Poetry Anthology is a testament to the extraordinary richness of a poem that has just come to light for various reasons, not just to get to know a language and its poetry, but by the mercy of history.

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