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Turks&Armenians: Memory in Lebanon in 2003

Good evening, my dear friends, we are at the evening hours of Sunday, September 19, 2021. In 2003, I went to Beirut, Lebanon for a business trip, and then we went to the towns of Saida and Sur. I went to visit the tanneries and leather factories.

Our Lebanese Christian agency sent me his sales manager who worked for him as a translator, as an an interpreter for the Arab tannneries when we visited them. But I did not need a translator during this trip. It may sound like a riddle to you, but this is a fact, because almost all of the tanneries we visited were Armenian and they spoke Turkish with a Central Anatolian accent, and I even joked with the translator. I said I don’t need you to be with me, I’m managing translation by myself.

An Armenian I remember was a young leather smith friend, then there was a portrait of Hazrat Ali behind him, probably within the frame. It is a very special moment for me.

What happens is that whoever walks on the field will encounter surprises circulating on the field. This is a beautiful aspect of life.

For me, the importance of not acting with prejudices is a lesson to be learned from here.

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