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Getting to know the nature and people of Turkey from the album

by Doğan Hızlan 

For someone like me who is not open to nature, Turkey-Paradise We Live in is a visual feast.

Different photographers have taken pictures that are impressive and evoke the feeling of going and seeing, and they have been collected in this album.

It was edited by Mustafa Alp Dağistanlı , the photo editor was Erdem Yavaşça , and the texts were written by AM Celál Şengör . I took a few sentences from the Introduction titled

Land of Eternal Beauty , to illuminate the quality and perspective of the album.

“The endless natural beauties of this magical country cannot be separated from the beauties created by the human mind. In fact, it is the mind that creates the beauty of even natural objects. Therefore, one may wonder why locals everywhere do not share their feelings of wonder and admiration.”

The album consists of 6 parts: Water, Mountain, Forest, Coast, Countryside, Culture.

I especially liked the Culture section , you can find many important and historical buildings from Akdamar Church to Halilurrahman Madrasa to Galata Bridge in Paradise We Live in Turkey .

(Turkey The Paradise We Live in, NTV Broadcasts)


I’m looking at the albums of the winners of Albaraka Türk’s photography contest themed Alinter .

The name of the album; Quote from the viewfinder.

A section from the text inside the front cover determines the importance of the album’s theme:

“‘Photography is not the reflection of reality, it is the reality of reflection,’ says Brecht. Among the reality that Brecht mentions, perhaps the most valuable are the stories of people who earn their living with hard work.”

Who won the award?

Albaraka Türk Special Award: Yücel Oruç (Giving Meaning to Mud); First Prize: Arif Tanju Korkmaz(I Dive Far Away); Second Prize: Muhsin Divan; Third Prize: Muhsin Divan; Honorable Mention: Olcay Sarikaya (Kalayci); Mention; Gürsel Egemen Egin (Triple); Honorable Mention: Ercan Arslan (Kumkapi Fisherman).

The photographs of people who work hard and shed their sweat reminded me of many novels, stories and poems, a single frame perhaps sums up hundreds of pages.

* * *

Alınteri awarded in the competition, and pressed to be worth exhibiting pictures stored on: December 31 up to hours 09:00 with You can see it at Sirkeci Station between 17.00 .


The theme of the festival, which will start on August 18, was determined as ‘Another World is Possible’ .

The venues are as follows: Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theatre, Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Venice Palace, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, French Palace, Saint Benoit French High School, Arter, Four Seasons Hotel, Atatürk City Forest, Fenerbahçe Park, Yıldız Park, Maximum Uniq Open Air.


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