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The world’s most famous photographers shot Turks and Turkey

by Doğan Hızlan


In these photographs, there are Turkey and Turks in a wide geography. Axis Turkish image.

The name of the exhibition; Magnum/Turkey – Turkey with Magnum Photos.

Magnum was founded on April 17, 1947, at the initiative of famous photographer Robert Capa , in a restaurant near the Museum of Modern Art in New York . Capa is so named because he loves champagne. (One-half liter champagne and wine bottles are called MAGNUM). Alex Webb is preparing a photo album about Istanbul this year; its name is Istanbul: The City with Hundred Names Costa Magnos‘s photo in Elia Kazan ‘ s America ‘test is not given permission to shoot in Turkey, Strait has created in Greece in 1962 is seen décor. The ferry looks like a city lines ferry. This photo is the document of the decision taken.

Jim Goldberg shoots here, spending his honeymoon in Turkey. As a wedding memento.

Leonard Fred photographed Turkish workers going to Turkey after taking leave at the train station in Cologne.

Gilles Peress determined the lives of Turkish workers in Germany with an objective lens.

Harry Gruyaert always trains his students in Turkey.


16 photographers were selected for the MAGNUM Exhibition . Some of them come here: Abbas, Alex Webb, Antoine D’Agata, Bruno Barbey, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Harry Gruyaert, Jim Goldberg, Nicos Economopulos.

You should get a well-prepared catalogue. In Engin Özendes ‘ article in the catalogue; “Why Magnum?” You find the answer to the question, Diane Dufour in Turkey “Stories” in the text, conveys us information behind the photo. Notes that enrich and size the work.

* * *

TURKEY, Turks, It is a really important and must-see exhibition, where you can watch Anatolia, minorities, and our political history from photographs.


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