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Turkey special issue of the British magazine

by Doğan Hızlan

Barbaros Altuğ, owner of the INTERNATIONAL book agency, brought me the Turkish special edition of Edinburgh Review. The cover features Tracey Emin’s speech with Orhan Pamuk during the Frankfurt Book Fair.

In Orhan Pamuk ‘s speech at the opening of the fair, I think the view that affects Westerners is that the world does not understand us.

The magazine also talks about the power of our literature and culture.

Which authors were translated?

Enis Batur, Cevat Capan, Selcuk Altun, Cemil Kavukçu, Perihan Magden.

Under the title of Istanbulite , there are photographs of Alp Sime .

Some of the photographs contain images not only from Istanbul but also from Turkey.

Veiled woman, Toy seller man, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech, Those who wait for a long time in a snowstorm, Like a card game in a cafe.

There are also introductory articles about Emine Sevgi Özdamar, Látife Tekin, Mehmet Murat Somer ‘s books translated into English.

* * *

REINA LEWIS ‘ in Harem Literature from East to West ‘ s (West Harem Literature in the East) example of a stranger’s interesting approach to this concept.

What caught my attention the most was Will Brady ‘s Alamanci article. The article begins with a statement by the director of the cinema, Fatih Akın :

“We brought two cultures together, we are the new Germans.”

In this article, there are judgments on foreign population in terms of multiculturalism and ethnic-culture that need to be discussed. After commenting on Tevfik Başer ‘s film 40 Square Meters of Germany , his opinion on how Turks in Germany are characterized shows a fine distinction.

“Turks are Alamanci, not Germans, like Germans.”

The aspects of the special issues that are open to criticism are whether the selected samples are sufficient to represent Turkish literature.

Or it is the thought that they will introduce Turkish literature incompletely or be misleading because they cannot find the opportunity to research other sources.

* * *

II still argue that these introductions are useful. Others can also prepare their own Turkey issues with different perspectives.


(Edinburgh Review, 22a Bucceluch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9LN)



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