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by Levent Ağaoğlu


A Contradiction of Hagia Sophia (holy wisdom) and Philosophy (love of wisdom)
Didn’t the tradition of Wise Father-in-law, which goes back to Sheikh Edebali, start with Bilge Kagan’s father-in-law Bilge Tonyukuk? Far Asian ties? 1 July 2017
Farabi is based on Turkish Wisdom and state tradition.
I was the sage and sergeant of Ilteriş Kagan myself. Wise Tonyukuk Inscription. 1B7
If there was another Wise Tonyukuk, we would not be taken into the matrix.
Istanbul-Samarkand-Turfan-Orhun; The line of wisdom is an alliance of civilizations. Let’s be enlightened about Asia.
Istanbul-Samarkand-Turfan-Orhun; The line of wisdom is the junction of civilizations. Let’s be enlightened with Asia. 13 dec 2016
Our line is the 41st Parallel between YunZhong, where Tonyukuk was born, and Istanbul and Rome. The Wise Power Line connects the Zero Stones. The 41st latitude is also our sight-eye-stye line; our commute between west and east,
Our most valuable underground resource lies in the heart of the Turkestan geography; To Our Sages
The concept of sage is the 11th most used concept in 103 Turkish inscriptions. Used 57 times.
The concept of the heart cannot be translated to the west and the concept of philosophy to our language. Wisdom is what we have. A philosopher is a person who loves the sages.
The relationship between the Turkestan sufi tradition and the wisdom tradition starting from Bilge Tonyukuk?
The Sage of the Oghuz Kagan epic, Uluğ Türuk, the Sages of the inscriptions; Wisdom is far from us as we become alienated from the behavior patterns of Bilge Tonyukuk and Bilge Kagan, Yusuf Has Hacip, author of Kutadgu Bilig (sacred Wisdom); only pedantry makes us clear.
The tradition of writing, publishing, and criticism started with the first writer Bilge Tonyukuk…
Our Wisdom Civilization embroidered on Inscriptions (Tonyukuk Inscription), Manuscripts (Kutadgu Bilig), and Buildings (Hagia Sophia); It must be liberated from alienation.
Turk’s password is 3.0; When Istanbul was taken, which encloses the Bilge Tonyukuk Inscription (stone 0), the Harezmian algorithm of the House of Wisdom (number 0), and the Sofia (0 meridians) of the Hagia Sophia Mosque, we were 3.0. We are now at 2.1. 4.0 but how? November 15, 2017
What the West understands by wisdom: Lawrence.
When we received the Bilge Tonyukuk Inscription, (0 Stone) the Harezmi Algorithm of the House of Wisdom, and the (number 0) Istanbul that Glazes the Sofias of the Hagia Sophia (0 Meridian), we were 3.0. We are now at 2.1. 4.0 but how?
Why don’t the thinkers of the Turks, who exist with their sons (Tolun, Kul) Sages (Tonyukuk, Kagan) even in the most remote corners of the Afro-Eurasian main continent, based on a period of only 1000 years and see the underwater parts of the iceberg?
Wisdom secrets of the East:  Wise Kagan….Bilge Tonyukuk….Hagia Sophia (Sacred Knowledge) Mosque….Kutadgu Bilig..; Wise Aliya
Wise is the one who is aware of his setting..
Wise: [Orhun Y,735] [the wise person would not lead a good alp person]

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