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Dr. Hong Speech | World Day of Social Justice

Dr. Hong Speech | World Day of Social Justice Dr. Hong Speech | World Day of Social Justice  Dr. Hong Speech | World Day of Social Justice  Dr. Hong Speech | World Day of Social Justice
| 02-20-2023
guests dear friends ladies and gentlemen
good day
there is an Eastern proverb Justice
resides in people’s hearts
which means that people have a fair
judgment in their hearts about what is
right and wrong
this is the manifestation of cautions
which is a precious gift bestowed by
conscience resides in everyone’s heart
Heaven is watching us conscience is the
key to the unity among Heaven Earth and
more and more challenges both visible
and invisible have occurred around the
world in recent years
epidemics climate change Wars economic
problems and many people’s lack of Life
direction are all becoming increasingly
humankind is confronted with not only
the difficulties of making a living but
the conundrum of survival
a fine line separates in and young our
thoughts can have either positive or
negative consequences
all countries can enjoy shared
Prosperity or collapse altogether
and the key to changing our common
Destiny lies in everyone’s heart
this is a fight for our lives no one can
stay unaffected as the fate of all
living creatures on the planet is tied
to the same thread
the United Nations declared February
20th as world day of social justice to
promote the protection of employees
as well as the abolition of unfairness
and equality through social protection
social dialogue mutual respect and
we have to honestly face the growing
inequality discrimination torture and
exclusion in all of their forms today
including the abuse of Public Power by
government authorities to persecute
individuals as well as religious or
spiritual groups through the Judiciary
and tax measures such abuse poses and
extremely serious threat to the
protection of fundamental human rights
social harmony and solidarity
Economic Development and Global
we must recognize and solve the problems
we need to be more open-minded and
tolerant in order to understand
different voices
to following our conscience we will be
able to reconcile and Advance social
justice to positive actions
the axes of justice is equality
and the essence of justice is human
conscience is the antidote for all
social injustices
conscience is the compass which guides
people in the right direction to pursue
social justice and righteousness
through conscious education the innate
conscience of people can be awakened
all nations are encouraged to strive for
coexistence Mutual growth and shared
eliminate all injustices in lives and
create ways that will benefit themselves
and all beings so that we will be able
to move toward a truly peaceful future
as World citizens we have the sheer
responsibility to rectify all injustices
and Safeguard human rights and justice
let’s remember the true meaning of world
day of social justice and pray that all
forms of Injustice and inequality will
be eradicated in the spirit of equality
and Universal love
let’s work together for more just and
righteous society and create a true era
of conscience full of Harmony and love
may you all be blessed with peace safety
and happiness

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