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Farabi and Vision of Science

by Mesut Topal

“Thinking is the soul talking to itself…”

Farabi, who was born into a Turkish family one thousand and fifty years ago and wrote countless works in the fields of music, philosophy, botany, mathematics and logic throughout his life, was accepted as the “second teacher” after Aristotle, who was accepted as a “teacher” in the world of science and thought.

It has deeply influenced not only philosophers but also countless scientists, and has been a source of inspiration for movements and inventions.

Although he was close to the palace as a member of a wealthy family, he completely rejected the political will and devoted himself to science. Continuing his life with only one meal a day, Farabi endeavored to spend every second of his time with science.

Because, according to Farabi, man is obliged to seek knowledge. He has to find knowledge, learn it and explain it.

Even if science is in China, it is necessary to get up and pursue it. If a person does not live for science, he lives a meaningless and unhappy life in agony. Farabi’s inspiring life and works are exemplary in terms of confronting the meaningful and meaningless efforts of our age and reconstructing a life fiction.


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