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Turkish Classics

Inscriptions: Bilge Kagan. KülTigin. Tonyukuk. Old Turkish Inscriptions, Dictionaries and Indexes Old Turkish Dictionary (Kaşgarlı) Old Turkish Dictionary – A well-comprehensive index of words, words, Divânu Lügati’t-Türk index, from the roots of the Turkish language, pure Turkish, from its state a thousand years ago. Ottoman Dictionary & Alphabet A comprehensive list of words from the official correspondence and literary language of The Ottoman Empire, dictionary. Divan-i Wisdom – Ahmet Yesevi The Wisdom of the “Teacher of the Turks”, Hodja Ahmet Yesevi, a thousand years ago in Turkish and its transfer to the present. Kutadgu Bilig Directory & Translation The Turkish work written and presented to the Eastern Karakhanid ruler Tabgaç Uluğ Buğra Kara Han by Yusuf Has Hacib, one of the Karakhanid Uyghur Turks, in the 11th century. Turkish names Turkish names index with meaning and historical connections.

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