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History of a Rumelian Family


Rumelian culture, perhaps, no matter where they come from, no matter where they come from, no matter what their religion is, every person (Crimean Tatar, Yörük, Albanian, Bosnian, Turkmen, Alevi, Kurdish, Gypsy, Pomak, Hudayinabit, etc.) It is a sign that you can meet in common. The Balkan cauldron has always boiled, but it lived its most foamless period (it seems) during the periods when Rumelia Culture was most active. Yes, Rumelia is a past sadness, perhaps an excitement. Rumelia Culture, perhaps, is a formation that finds its foundation in the Ottoman political (similar to Roman and Byzantine, based on -ifications) strategies…

Hamdi Funda                                 Şükrü Funda                                Cemal Funda                                                                       (Grandest Father)                        (Grand Father)

Yakova. Kosovo

                                                    Üsküp, Skopje, Macedonia


IMG_3417.JPG görüntüleniyor

Zekir Aga, Grandfather, Üsküp, Skopje, Macedonia


dedem yakup ağaoğlu.jpg görüntüleniyor

Yakup Ağaoğlu, Pazarcık, Filibe (Plovdiv), Bulgaria

                              Üsküp, 1920

Hamdi Funda                               Şükrü Funda                        Cemal Funda


Hamdiye Ana; Feleknaz Anneannemin Annesi

Feleknaz Anneannem, Cemal Dedem

Feleknaz Anneannem, kardeşi Fuat dayı ile..

Fadliye babaannem kardeşi Hesna Hanım ile.


Cemal Funda, Üsküp

Cemal Funda, Üsküp



İsmail Ağaoğlu, Grandest Father. Ustina, Pazarcık, Filibe (Plovdiv), Bulgaria İsmail Kosoğlu, 1870. Ustina, Pazarcık, Filibe


Yakup Ağaoğlu, Fevzi Ağaoğlu, Necati Ağaoğlu, Şukran Ağaoğlu, Fadliye Ağaoğlu

Pazarcık, Filibe

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