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Turkish and Chinese Civilizations

Hi my friends today is 27th of December 2022. We are at the last minutes of 2022. We are transferring to 23. I hope the new year will be all for all humanity and for all of us. Today in Istanbul you see it’s a sunny day but it’s the sun of the winter we say. We’ll talk on Turkish and Chinese cultures which are very opposite to each other with respect to cultural globalization.

When we look at China the Great Wall extends within China on the north of China starting from Beijing with 22 000 kilometer long. This is a Great Wall, the main function is to differ China from the step people and civilization. Starting with the BC 220, China constructed this Great Wall to differentiate the people of China with the others. And then this is very interesting that this is the world only within China.

When we look at the Turks which were the neighbors of Chinese in China and which were living Inland China in Inner Mongolia and Mongolia outside China. Even later they left the Chinese areas to the to the center of the world in Turkey and Turkestan as well.

What Turks did for cultural globalization, we may say that it’s spread at 35 000 kilometer long with cultural artifacts and monuments as compared to 22 000 kilometer in China but these 35 000 kilometers is from Sweden to South Africa north to south and from Mexico to Japan from west to east.

We mentioned four different countries as the framework of Turkish cultural globalizations. Why we mentioned these countries because in all these countries Turkish cultural monuments are existing. In Mexico there is Clock Tower, in Sweden and Japan there are Turkish cemeteries for the Martyrs and in South Africa there is mosque as well.

Also in over 100 countries there are over 7 500 Turkish place names.outside Turkey in Turkish language, It is very clear that the culture belongs to humanity so we cannot mention this as Turkish or Chinese only, but the understanding of Turks are all over the world for the humanity. However, China understanding differs itself from the other world.

Grate Wall is a message that don’t come to my country this is my country you are not welcomed. However on the other hand the Chinese are since 1978 are making use of the globalization all over the world which  means that China gets richer against the poverty of the other workers and nations in the world

For example in Turkey factories are closed because there are the products from China flooding in Turkey. This is not for the Justice. On the other hand China differs himself from the other worlds since 2000 years with Great Wall and secondly they make use of the globalization.

However when we look at the Turkish understanding, this is unification with Humanity. We see the Turks all over the world they are all over the world. Turks also are living in many countries all over the world and, they are not in ghettos, they are with the people, they are in the countries.

I tried to clarify, and make the differences clear with the cultural identity of Turkey and China states.

Have a good year my friends all over the world have a nice 2023. All the best to you, goodbye.

How Long Is the Great Wall of China? 21,196 km or Longer…
Written by Sunny Xie Updated Dec. 23, 2022

The official length of the Great Wall of China is 21,196.18 kilometers (13,170.7 miles), according to the National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA) on June 5th, 2012. This is the first time that China has scientifically and systematically measured the length of all of the Great Wall after a six-year-long archaeological survey.

The wall is actually made up of several different sections which have been built over the last 2,000 years, taking all the different sections into account the distance is close to 22,000km or half the circumference of the equator.

Built to protect China from Mongol invaders, this is easily the longest structure ever constructed by man and with construction starting over 2,000 years ago and continuing until the 14th Century is probably one of the longest building projects ever undertaken.

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