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Turkey and Humanity: Supreme Art in A Drop of Water

By Recep Ali Topçu – Adell Armature&Valve Factories Inc. | Chairman of the Board


Copyright photo by Levent Ağaoğlu Bozdoğan Roman Water Arch in Istanbul, Turkey


What does a drop of water tells us?

What secrets can we discover when we look at it deeply beyond physics, chemistry, and biology?

Everything, life begins with a drop of water, dries up as our water recedes, and the journey to another realm begins. Let’s look at ourselves, search for our essence and open the windows of contemplation. Let’s travel together to get to know ourselves, discover our essence, enlightenment and be friend our self. Let’s try to understand and make sense of a drop of water, its sublime art, perfect design and its adventure. Say what?

On this journey Quran verses and the words of the Muhammad and many scientific determinations, the approaches of Sufis, the knowledge and wisdom of the Anatolian people guide and shed light on us. Learning our nature will add a different richness and meaning to our lives and help us to make sense of life. When we learn where and why we came from, we will understand our lives better and we will be able to taking more confident steps towards the future and the horizon.

In order to build our future on more solid foundations, person should see and know himself/herself, and try to think about the adventure of walking on the street between birth and death, and the marvel of art in its creation.

The sublime art in a drop of water, the perfect design points to us the wonder and artist of the work, the artist, our supreme creator (cc).

We can call the adventure of leaving the world with the arrival of a drop of water to the world, right?

What are we, why were we created, where and how did we get here, where are we going?

The phrase “to know yourself” voiced in Yunus Emre‘s lines below, directs us to seek our essence.

Knowledge is knowledge,

Knowledge is knowing yourself,

If you don’t know yourself

This is a nice reading.

One of the clearest signs pointing to the power and greatness of Allah (cc) is actually the human being himself/herself. Because person is a small world and the world is a huge person. If person thinks himself/herself own astonishing states all his/her life, perhaps person can understand very little of his/her wondrous existence. However, we are generally unaware of this. In the rapidly consuming world, we forgot very important skills such as thinking and contemplation, we were made to forget.

However, Hak Teala orders the person to contemplate on himself/herself and says, “There are many proofs for the existence of God in yourself, will you still not see? “(Quran – Zariyat 51/21).

Allah Teala (cc), again says in many verses,

“Don’t you think?”

“Don’t you see?”

“Don’t you think and take a lesson?”.

That is why contemplation is a great worship.

Contemplation is not to imagine something that does not exist, but to see the meaning in beings. It is trying to see the manifestations of Allah (cc) in things and to understand the wisdom in them.

How beautiful it is to accept the blessing, to respect it, to try to see and feel the one who gave it in that blessing, to open the windows of contemplation and to feel excited by saying “Suphanallah, how great you are, Ya Rab” in every beauty, to increase our awareness and to invite other people to this excitement discovery. People who can do this can reach the truth without being stuck on the screen, reasons, and succeed in ordering their world and eternal life.

For this reason, contemplation rooms were built in mansions in the past, and these spaces without windows would only have windows showing the sky. In it, the work towards understanding and making sense of life, the meaning in beings, the right and the truth, and the windows of contemplation to increase awareness were opened.

We learn that the source of life is water, and that all living people, animals and trees were created from water with the verse

“We created everything living from water”

in the Qur’an of our sublime book, Enbiya. Then, getting to know water more closely and in detail will enable us to understand its spirit and essence, to know and feel life, ourselves. The best place to see the manifestation of the name Hayy of Allah (cc) is seen in water.

For this, we need to look at the water with the eye of soul, to listen carefully to it and those who tell it, to look at the deep, multidimensional structure of the water, behind the two-dimensional face of the water H2O dress, its soul.

We see the reflection of the name Hay of our Supreme Creator and the craftsmanship of its art in every molecule of water. Allah (cc) created the nature of water, who does not obey the laws of physics in many aspects, does not care about chemistry, with such an anatomy and physiological structure that it can fulfill what is expected of its. A fire, hydrogen and oxygen molecules, one of which is gunpowder, combine to turn into a miracle blessing with a soul. When you take it out, there is nothing left for life in the universe.

Then we can compare life as a drop of water to traveling the world’s ocean, right? We can call the adventure of leaving the world with the arrival of a drop of water in the world.

The cycle of water is similar in its life adventure as normal water, not as living. It falls on the earth as a drop of clouds. Then it takes its journey either to the seas or to the depths of the earth. Then it evaporates, rising back to the sky.

This small drop of love falling into the mother’s womb would carry all my DNA codes and genes passed down from generation to generation and carry the secret of my future shape.

As humans and animals, each of us came to this realm as a drop of water, took our first step. We fell into our mother uterus as 100% water, just like a drop of rain. This small drop falling into the mother’s womb lovingly would carry all my DNA codes and genes passed down from generation to generation and carry the secret of my future shape. Then we loaded on soul and body, we got into flesh and bones, we traveled, we became fetuses and our water rate dropped to %85. When our life journey in the mother’s womb was completed after a certain period of time, our death there took place and continued with our arrival in this world. Our water rate has dropped to %70-80.

We became babies, we made the people in our world happy and happy with our arrival, we became golden balls.

We developed and became young, then we always flowed and flowed. Then we grew up and became old people. Other water drops merged with our brothers, we became rivers, we traveled, we became the sea and we reached the ocean of humanity. We left drops of water behind us as our tracks, to represent us, bearing the same DNA codes. Over time, our water began to withdraw, the water in our cells decreased, our water rate started to decrease to %50. In other words, the water reaching the branches and the water reaching the leaves gradually decreased.

When it comes time to leave this world, our water will be drained and we will continue on our way by cleaning it with water to go to other realms, we will reach the eternal realm.

At the end of our life journey, which we started as a drop of water, we will find our crack.

For this reason, our ancestors in Anatolia used to say “the water has found the crack” instead of the expression “died” that we use today. So we can say that life consists of “the journey to find our crack”, right?

When we stepped aside and opened a window of contemplation in the realm of thought and looked back, each of us was a drop of water. If it is to reach our present state from a drop of water, what a development, what a great work, and a wonderful art on that scale, isn’t it? If person looks at himself/herself, he/she sees mind-boggling things. All these creatures, that is, each of us is the sublime artistry of Allah in a drop of water.

At one point I picked up a sweet, soft little chick and said to it “Chick, how beautifully you were created. A month ago I was going to eat you as an egg and you would go down on my stomach. What about now? How did you end up like this? Can you tell me something? These feet, these feathers and a thousand and one patterns on them, these beautiful eyes, these nails… each one is wonderful. How did you come into existence from nothing, without any external intervention, no additional material entry? What about your voice, in a shell, who created you? The chick told me, “It’s so big, so powerful. First I was born as an egg from my mother. Then my mother turned to the right and left for 30 days under the heat of a thousand. I was made of a liquid, inside my shell Allah gave me all flesh, bones, feathers, nails, eyes. Allah created me out of nothing”. It jumped out of my hand and ran into its mother’s warm embrace.

Allah is the Creator, a life sacrifice to Allah. Every creation is loved because of the Creator.

Allah (cc), who created a chick from an egg, also created me from a drop of water. And thousands of people, thousands of animals, thousands of trees continue to create each one in a separate design, not being the same. Every second 300/350 people come to our world, and so many people sail to the eternal salvation and find its crack. It continues on its way, on its journey, falls on the ground, about to turn green again.

For Allah’s sake, as members of our great family, we greet all creatures with deep respect, all our water brothers created from water. We love them, we love our Creator, who created them. Just as we will not waste a drop of water, we also accept aquatic creatures created from water as brothers to some extent, and we cherish our hearts.

The sublime art, perfect design and noble decoration in a drop of water point to us the wonderfulness and artist of the work, its artist, our supreme creator Allah (cc).

We can call the adventure of leaving the world with the arrival of a drop of water to the world, right? A drop of water takes us out of being “I”, to the fellowship of water, to tawhid, to the existence and unity of our Mevla (cc). The sublime art in a drop of water, perfect design, trying to understand and make sense of its journey will glorify us to universal values and be instrumental in reaching the truth.

We invite you to visit the thematic water Ab-ı Hayat Water Civilization Museum located in the head office building of our Adell Armature company in Istanbul-İkitelli, and to internalize the themes of “finding our crack and water fellowship” on centuries-old works. We believe you will enjoy and love. (http://www.adell.com/blogs/blog/tagged/su-medeniyeti-muzesi)

Be clear like water and enthusiastic like water. Good looking to you and your water brothers.

Recep Ali Topçu

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