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Turkey and Humanity: Being Clear Like Water, Being Exciting Like Water, and Being Saintly Like Water…

By Recep Ali Topçu – Adell Armature&Valve Factories Inc. | Chairman of the Board

Copyright photo by Levent Ağaoğlu, Danube River bank at Russe, Bulgaria.


Water as an inspiration in the journey of becoming a human being that leaves a mark …

There is a nice saying. Man becomes human when he is, not when he is born. Man is human to the extent that he is enlightened and enlightens the people around him. Every living thing wants to develop and evolve.

Life is a journey of evolution. Life is walking, life is development, life is entrusted. We always have a desire to rise materially and spiritually in life.

It is in our hands to improve our enlightenment process, our life journey. If we do not start by raising our own quality and building our own personality, we cannot do anything. So how can we be bright people? How can we light our way? What do bright people have in common? Who and what should we look for while determining our road map in our walk to light and enlightenment? Who should we sample from? How should we calibrate ourselves?

Right here, we encounter water, our indispensable source of life, our raw material, our essence. Water is indispensable for enlightening our spiritual world as well as our biological life. Our main ingredient. What can we learn from luminous water in order to be a bright person? Let’s try to find answers to these questions together, inspired by the water, our source of life, returning to our core values, making them valuable, feeling like water. I believe that it will not be very difficult to reveal these values ​​that are in our essence and to make them livable, and it will take us to the top of the steps of humanity, and will make us distance in the journey of the perfect human.

Regardless of where we are in this world where we are our guests, our priority should be to be a quality person once. One of the most beautiful sources of inspiration that we can take advantage of and learn from while achieving our goal of being a quality person is water. We know that water is one of the most important and beautiful gifts that our Almighty Creator has sent for us, the guests of the world. When we get to know him, we will realize that he has many lessons we will take.

There are many lessons we can learn from water …

Water is indispensable and the source of life. Man and all living things were created from water. The universe was raised with water. From time immemorial the reason for existence has been water. The survival of living beings also depends on water. It is the life water of the first tree planted. Water is the life elixir of the creature thirsty in the desert. Every drop of water is precious. No matter what we drink except water, we cannot quench our thirst. Creatures that lack water wither and lose their vitality. Drained trees die as well as deaths in humans. Like water, we must learn to penetrate the veins of people, bring it to life and be indispensable. What are we sources of as humans? Will people feel a lack if we leave our environment? I wonder which works and which operations cannot be completed without us? What solutions are we part of? By increasing our qualities, repositioning ourselves in terms of being valuable and valuing, will bring beauty to ourselves, our institutions, our country and the whole humanity.

Water, which is the source of life, is clear, transparent, clear, inside and out, its essence and word is one. Therefore, while we are going to our goal of being a quality person, it is necessary to be pure like water, to unite our inside-outside, our actions and our discourse, and to reach integrity. The way to ensure trust and stability is through the unity and integrity of internal and external action and discourse. Openness, transparency and reality are among the most important values ​​of today. Sincerity, sincerity is one of the most beautiful universal human values ​​that crystallize and clarify our world. The curtains do not act on the things behind them. Those who have these values ​​are valuable. It becomes worthless over time without values. The combination of discourse and action makes us valuable.

When the water comes, it makes you happy, when it leaves, it hurts. Its existence is the source of life. Everywhere the water steps is refreshed and beautiful. When it comes, it brings life to the thirsty plant, the thirsty animal in the desert, and the human being. With his arrival the joy skyrockets. Trees rejoice, celebrate, open their leaves, wear their green clothes. The earth rejoices and turns into a green cover. The seed rejoices and bursts out of the ground.

What should we, as humans, do to make us happy when we come and sadden when we go? Can we beautify the place where we take a step? The person who delights when he comes is oxygen, he is a positive, bright-spirited, bright-faced, energetic and decent person. It illuminates the place it comes from, the heart it enters, makes it happy, expands the atmosphere and makes everyone happy with its arrival, and leaves a mark when it leaves. However, people with negative spirits darken their environment and bored people and environments. Our dark world needs light people, bright faces and bright faces. When they go, they are happy and leave a work, not a trace. What can we add to where we come from? What do we leave when we go, trace or work?

Water is of good quality. The quality line is always the same. It is not variable. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. We should strive to carry this feature of our raw materials, we should have a personality with values ​​and definite lines.

Water beautifies the place it comes from, refreshes, enlivens, makes it green, makes it happy, and establishes civilization. Human beings have the task of beautifying their immediate surroundings, streets, avenues and our world, starting from within themselves just like water. When we question ourselves, are we a part of the beauty of the world or, on the contrary, are we in the problem, part of it?

The water does not disappear where it goes and comes from, after fulfilling its duty and responsibility, it evaporates and returns to where it came from, that is, the sky. As human beings, we can produce works and leave traces that will not disappear where we come and go.

Water has a memory, soul and consciousness. He understands the love and attention offered to him and gives a voice to it. Water receives positive and negative information around it and reacts accordingly. If the molecules of the water can distinguish between those who love and those who do not, we need to be a bridge between these people. If the water responds to what is said to him, is it possible that a person who is a piece of water does not respond to a beautiful word or sweet language? We say sweet tongue takes the snake out of its hole. Can we reflect the love given to us to the people and animals we have relationships with, and make them happy?

Can we act in the center of love, increase our capacity of love and include all people, animals, plants, nature and the environment in our scope?

Water is love, love, beloved. The water of our heartland is love. Dear people, nice words cherish people in hearts. A sip of love that we sincerely give to each other will return to us an armful. The fire of love in us wipes out all hate. It is nice to be a brick by using love as a mortar in the newly formed structure of the world. It is love that gives meaning to life.

The body where water is located is the source of warmth for its place. The human being is created as a drop of water, the human skin sensations carry warmth, providing warmth to the body as long as water is present. With death taking place and water withdrawing from the human body, the body cools, solidifies and hardens. It is the water that gives people warmth and vitality. We, too, must warm the way we enter into dialogue, the environments with our warm, heart and hypnotic expressions.

Water is generous, it always gives. By looking at the water, we should share some of what our Mawla gave us with other people, living things and plants, we should be generous.

Water is unifying, rejuvenating, water embracing. Since water is a community of people, animals and trees have been meeting and meeting points. Water does not discriminate between those who come to it, it is a democrat. He approaches everyone at an equal distance, has no prejudice. It provides unity in essence. Water does not discriminate against the people, living things and plants it serves, and behaves equally. Serving all people, animals and plants without distinction of color, language, religion, geography, and its balanced and harmonious behavior give a message of tolerance and uniting. When we treat all humanity and living things equally, we can be a winner just like water. Can we create a meeting point between our existence and people?

Continuity is essential in water. It is fluid, not broken. Water always flows and flows. It is the continuity of raindrops that makes streams into the world. Sometimes there are waves, sometimes drops, sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, it becomes rain, it becomes a river, it flows. When the drops accumulate, it becomes anticipated. In order for us to be successful as human beings, we must be stable, orderly and maintain continuity in our work and relationships that we feel like water. It is not the drops of water that pierces the marble, but its continuity.

Water flows, finds its way. It is important to find the right path. Roads are precious as life, gentle as life. They either consume life or add life to life. Some are straight, some are curved roads, some are deflecting roads, some are straight, some are curved roads. Every being has a way, every road has an end. The paths entered usually determine the results and the situation beyond. We can only become successful in life by taking the right way.

Water carries the energy of the source it originates from, the rock it touches, and the leaf it licks. Biologically, people have become a source of peace in their souls and souls with the energy they carry, as they are means of being. As human beings, which of the universal human values ​​do we carry, to whom do we charge energy?

Water is determined, does not tire, does not give up. If there is an infiltration even on the 10th floor in order to reach the land that it is in love with, how can it do it, eventually it will go down. Though the softest and thinnest, nothing can dissolve hard and hard things like large rocks as well as water. We will be more successful in life if we are determined, determined and willing in life. We don’t get stuck in small bumps and holes

The water has a natural beauty, it is sparkling. He is happy. It can be in three forms as solid, liquid and gas. Inspired by our essence, water, we should love our natural state given to us in creation and be happy with it. We should strive to live the beauty of living our lives with what we have and what is deemed appropriate for us, not caring about the physical characteristics of others.

Water is calm, dignified and saint. It is seated. His personality and stance are clear. Thinking we are water, as a drop of water, we can stand with our values ​​that make us who we are, calm, dignified and dignified. We can deserve to be saints like water.

The water is humble, its eyes are always below, it is in the ground. He wins with his humility. It does not stand above. As humans, the more we are humble, the more we can earn. Energy, love and good things always flow from top to bottom. Nothing will flow to us when we see ourselves above people. However, if we see ourselves inferior to other people and our interlocutors as required by our humanity and civilization, love, energy and knowledge will flow to us. The lower limit of civilization is to accept at least the same level as the other.

Although water is present in everything, many do not manifest themselves. It doesn’t stand out too much. He makes himself felt with what he does. We should be able to be different with the work we do with us, we should not make a lot of effort to make ourselves noticed, sometimes we need to stay in the background, learn to say we instead of me and reset our ego.

Water is mobile, it does not like stasis. It is always in motion. It evaporates from the sea, reaches the sky, becomes a river, flows, becomes a river. As soon as the water stops, they say it smells and makes worms. We, as human beings, must be active. We have a beautiful proverb called Where to move, there is abundance. Stasis is killing our cells. The moment we stop pressing the pedal of the bike, we fall. Then there is no stopping, continue the journey with love, enthusiasm and excitement.

“Water does not compete with anything, but it passes everything,” says the famous Chinese scholar Chuang Tzu. The wise person is like water, he is the person who does not compete with anyone but goes his own way, but because of this, he is superior to everyone.

Water carries the energy of the source where it was born and the way it came. Sometimes it pierces dams and mountains. As human beings, we must be energetic. We must always renew and develop our energy. Whether we are old or young, we must keep our souls young and energetic.

Water is flexible, finds its way, it reaches its destination at the end of the day. By looking at the water, our strength and our mind may be enough to align, to be flexible, to round our sharpness and angular directions, to be flexible.

Water has no pointed sides, so it has been continuing its journey in nature for years. When I picked up a handful of stones from an intermediate stream, although they were all different in color, size and style, they were always rounded and had no sharp points left. They were able to team up with their new structures and travel together to reach where I prevented them from traveling. In order to move forward in life, to be a team, to create a community in harmony, we can roll our sharp points without losing our basic features, and we should not hesitate to pay some costs during the journey.

Water knows how to stand upright without standing up. It exists in three forms in solid, liquid and gas states, but it cannot be compressed in any way in terms of volume. It fits the glass it enters, the container it enters, the environment it enters without losing its water properties. It takes the shape of it, it integrates with it. It does not cause any problems. But it certainly doesn’t come to squeeze. As humans, we have the qualities that can fit many environments. We have the ability to adapt to many environments without losing our values ​​and character.

Water is soft. It is hard, solid, not fragile. Nothing in the world is as soft and thin as water. In order to be successful in life, we must be mild-tempered with the lesson we learn from water, and we must knit our relationships with people based on softness and love, as Lao Tse says, “Nothing in the world is as soft and thin as water. But nothing can dissolve hard and stable things like large rocks as well as water. “

Water has no specific pattern. As human beings, we must be open to development, flexible and able to adapt to the environment we are in, with the lessons we learn from water. The abilities necessary for adaptation have been given to man in his creation.

The water is bright. When we see water in a dream, we interpret it for good. As human beings, we can make correct decisions and make choices to the extent that we increase our level of illumination. Each of us is light travelers, light seekers. As we increase our level of illumination, we will be more successful, we will reach higher steps in becoming a real human being and evolving with the structure that shines around. Our inner luminosity will reflect outside, with our face,

Water is the only blessing that can stand before the fire. It removes the heat. It extinguishes the anger. With the lesson we learn from water, we can extinguish angry people and act more sensibly.

Water is clean. Water begins its journey around the world immaculately. It does not absorb any pollution and does not contain any pollution. As he completes his journey and missions on our blue planet, evaporates and returns to the sky again, it is clean again. He always makes his journey purified and clean. In this world, where we came to be clean with birth, we should stay clean and continue our eternal journey cleanly. We should be purified from feelings such as hatred, hatred, selfishness and selfishness that pollute us, and replace them with feelings such as love, brotherhood, and tolerance.

It cleans the water. It cleans the place it touches, the objects it touches and the skin it touches, and it gives relief. As water cleans the dirt we see with the eyes, it cleanses the spiritual dirt, it relaxes us by taking the static electricity accumulated in our body. Because it is a cleanser, we tell the flowing water of the bad dreams we see in our dreams, we wait for it to take it away, we believe. It is water that prevents odors in toilets and toilets. For water, Muallim Naci says: “Water is a means of purifying both material and spiritual dirt. It is necessary for the cleansing of the soul and body. Water cleans everything, but it cannot clear disgrace. ”

As human beings, how much can we clean the people we touch, the places we touch, the environment we work in, and how clean can we keep?

Water is a source of healing. People with biological and psychological diseases have been healed from time to time with his warmth and sometimes with his voice. People who complain of constant headaches, your friends, most of these pains are caused by dehydration during the day. Drinking mineral water is the basis of being resistant to diseases. With the natural minerals in the water, we meet some of our body’s daily mineral needs. When we question ourselves, we wonder to whom, how much and when can we be healed with our existence, our approaches? Can we rid them of the issues and diseases they are uncomfortable with?

Water is the unity of differences. It was formed by the miraculous combination of two elements, which we can describe as fire and gunpowder, and reached a structure that purifies, gives peace and gives life. Here we see that elements of very different structures can come together if people wish, and they can create a much different, much stronger result by creating synergy.

Water helps the body and the living being that is bored, tired and sad. When we are bored or tired of reading, the first thing we do is to wash our faces. It brings water to our skin. Could we, as human beings, be able to cure the problems of the troubled people suffering from thirst and hunger in the world we live in, and to light the enlightenment of their darkness?

There is a perfect coincidence and cooperation between water molecules. They cling tightly to each other. They become a team. They don’t let each other go easily. It is as if they say, “There is mercy together, and there is torment in separation.” The glass is a few mm. excess water does not flow from there, it does not fall from there even though it is liquid because they hold on to each other. Can we humans hold on to each other as pieces of water, support each other like bricks in a building? We can be a team and make life better by holding each other tightly.

In this way, we make our lives easier. In fact, all of us living on the blue planet are a family together with all that is inside. Just as our hand in our body does not oppose our feet, we should be a part and complement of harmony, integrity in our home, workplace and world.

Until today, even a gram of water has not been produced or copied artificially. What superior values ​​and qualities do we have that make us who we are and cannot be reached and copied by humans? It is its values ​​that make the brand a brand. It is the spirit and values ​​that make human beings human. Those who do not have values, who do not live with their values ​​become worthless. Perhaps it is time for us to reposition ourselves, to gain new qualities. Starting from today, we can take action to gain ourselves new qualifications and values.

Water consists of two different elements, Hydrogen and oxygen, which are in conflict with each other and cannot be found together. One is fire and the other is gunpowder. However, water has combined these two different elements in such a way that a completely different drink has been formed. Here, we must learn to be together with different people in life, to head towards our goals together, to achieve success within differences.

Water is present and essence in everything in humans, animals, soil, fruits. However, it is invisible, does not make its presence felt. It has disappeared in the whole. It does not make an effort to be seen or felt. The river loses its presence in the sea, it does not make you feel. It becomes one with the sea, unites and integrates with the big part. Can we reset ourselves in the face of the life we ​​give to others when it comes to us? Can we stand back and render ourselves invisible? Can we rise from I consciousness to our consciousness?

Water is a mirror, reflects the energy, positive and negative thoughts loaded on it, and gives sound. Can we reflect the same approach in life to people who approach us with good intentions and positive thoughts? Can we even respond well to those who do evil, those who know?

Water is always giving, it tends to give rather than take. It is based on living rather than living. He seizes happiness in giving and eventually evaporates back to the sky he came from. People can find happiness only by giving, by living rather than living. He can attain peace with the virtue of giving.

Water is the source of greenery, the source of the environment. When talking about green factory, green product, can we be a green person like water, the source of greenery? Just as a green factory has some qualities that a green product should have, what qualifications should we have as a “green person”?

Those who drink spring water quench their thirst. Pınar never ends; because it experiences a process of harmony and movement with nature. We should never end, we should not experience failure syndrome.

As a result, there are many lessons and sources of inspiration that we can learn from water as people who are in a state of constant development and evolution. Looking a little more, you can see many similar sources of inspiration in your life. As you get to know water and love water, you can witness the existence of many dimensions.

Since our essence is water, these properties are present in us, our yeast and our raw materials. It should not be very difficult to reveal these beautiful qualities that fall on us as a drop of water, that are in our yeast, that are in our essence, that are put into us in our creation, and to turn them into our attributes. Now imagine that we are “water”, and we feel “like water”. Special like water, beautiful like water, clear like water, beneficial like water, indispensable like water, bright like water …

We can add light, tolerance and success to our lives by internalizing the beauties that can be inspired by water. We do not make excuses from Water, we can become more beautiful people with the lessons we take from it, and we can add beauty to the people we communicate with and our world. We can turn into a resource that distributes beauty like a transformer, and we can glorify our human qualities.

May your path be clear, your journey blessed and your light abundant. Be indispensable like water, living like water and saint like water.


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