Turkey has been traveled by many in the history and then antique writers and historians have many books on the geography like Herodotos, Ksenophon and then later in the middle ages iBni Batuta from Morocco and then Evliya Chelebi of Ottoman’s have written several volumes on the cities and towns and villages and way if life.

The continents like Asia, Europe, Africa and then the nearest geographies and then later Asia Minor Anatolia and then down to Europe deep into European continent, in Mesopotamia and in Africa, especially in North Africa.

So, they have accumulated the understanding, welcome to the areas they always welcome to the land to their lands.

Turkey is a real and lively experience for a visitor. Turkey has diversified regions, seven regions, so visitor collects experience really charming and attractive and surprising instances for the humans and then for the people and for the geographical diversities of the country.

There is a saying in Turkish that whoever travels mostly have a deeper knowledge than whoever reads the books. So Turkey is a source of origin of knowledge necessary for the life and to understand the universal values of the humankind.


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