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I recently “Great Turkey” I expressed my thoughts on. Today I will focus on the concept of “Nomadism”.

Turks have been nomads from the beginning. Today, Turks show the concept of nomadism as the source of problems. This is a general perception. The other who looks at us, the west, humiliates us with nomadism. Is it really that way or the other way around? Let’s look at the truth from another perspective. It was the Chinese who first identified the Turks as nomads.

The Chinese were a sedentary society. They were engaged in agriculture in areas inside the Great Wall of China. Turks outside of the Seddin were constantly migrating. The reason for their migration was the geography they were in. The geography in which they were located was steppe geography. They had to migrate constantly to survive. The steppe where the nomad is located is dry and barren. But the spirit world of the nomad, his imagination is extremely developed. When the nomad goes to bed at night, he looks at the sky and the stars reflect a fantasy world to him. When we look at the Turks, we see the vastness of this fantasy world.

Today, “Zhong Hou”, the name of the Chinese state, is the center country. Turks living in the neighborhood, on the other hand, moved away from the Chinese, migrated, and founded the Ottoman State, the State of Aliyye, in the most central geography of the world, which is a dream. Inner Asia, Central Asia geography where the Turks are located and the Mediterranean geography are very similar to each other.

There were also nomads on the Mediterranean coast, these are ancient Greeks, that is, Greeks, Hebrews, Jewish Jews, these are nomadic communities. They set up their colonies on the Mediterranean coasts, leaving all their geography. This includes the Black Sea. Today, Hebrews and ancient Greeks had colonized the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts. Istanbul is like that, it was founded as a colony of the Greeks.

On the other hand, the Turks are in Inner Asia, Central Asia is imposed on us, we use it, in fact it is the Inner Asia of the Greater Asia. Think of Inner Asia as a Mediterranean, and in the oasis cities around it, especially in the oasis cities of Samarkand and Bukhara in East Turkistan, they have established the same style. Here, nomadic Turks have made Turkestan the center of the world. How did they do this? This is a dream. This time, let’s look back at an established community.

Who are the non-nomadic communities? Armenians and Kurds. Both communities preferred not to be nomadic. They did not come out of their geographies and did not have a state of their own. Armenia that exists today is an artificial state. It was established on the territory of Azerbaijan. It has nothing to do with being a state. So, being a nomad, migrating is a phenomenon that opens the door to completely different worlds for you. There were nomads on horseback, Sumerians, Hittites, Scythians. The dimensions of the culture and civilization established by them are extremely wide.

We need to approach issues from different angles. We touched upon the Greeks, Kurds, Armenians, Turks, Hebrews and Chinese that we mentioned in this speech. The differences between these are extremely important, and nomadism has given Turks the richest and most traveling language. The greatest strength of the Turks is their language. We see the distinction between indigenous and nomadic in the evaluations of the Chinese martial arts writer and general Sun Tzu, and the Turkish commander, prime minister Tonyukuk. The term “enemy” is mentioned 962 times in Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War. This is Hun Turks, so we are. The heat mentioned in Tonyukuk is the virtues of being a nomad.

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My dear friend,

There are 2 missing points in my talk about nomadism that I just conveyed to you, let me convey them as well. First of all, among the nomads in this Mediterranean, it is necessary to add the Arabs of the Semitic race like the Hebrews. With the imagination and dynamism of nomadism, the Arabs saw the same mirages in the desert, just as the Turks saw mirages in the sky in the silence and simplicity of the steppe. Those mirages have placed them from Spain of the Mediterranean, in and beyond Asia to Indonesia, Malaysia. This is really important.

Secondly, by saying dream, imagination is not a Turkish concept, but an imported concept. The concept of dream is nothing without a person dreaming, and it is not known whether dreams are true or false. Both dreams and thoughts come from a dream. The verb to fall is also the same root, it falls into the mind of man. How does it fall into the mind of man, these are important questions. Thinking develops from the verb to fall, then the mind and thought of Turks are extremely advanced. Because there is a dream, when there is a dream, there is a thought. Let’s talk, these were important questions in order to explain some of the mistakes that were memorized as a result of perception operations with the correctness of the subjects.

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