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Turkish people has great hospitality and attitude and then the company is really the host country for for the beep for trailer through with us for immigrants and for for the people who have who has to leave their mother lands. Jackie has hosted and hosting as well several civilizations many many civilizations in in the past is. Is the country has the longest shortest in eastern Mediterranean compared to other Mediterranean countries so the sharks cost cost to areas are very famous and the availability availability of hotels are abundant.Call cards of accommodations with five stars and over and hostels and village homes and pensions and I’ll talk to hotels all all are available in in coastal turkey and inland Turkey as well.

There’s a saying in Turkish language talking to me so I figured in Tucky’s and in English it is the visitor by God so if you knock on the door of any village in chunky Devils welcome Yuan Dunnett Lis for three days long they will share with their rooms and with their meals with you this is the understanding of people in in in central Asia the original tax they have a big tent and then which is made of wool, And then they they show all their valuables it to their visitors inside the stand so distant is very rich and then even though the sultan of the Turkish Empire was sitting in a big tent on the ground. The Topkapi palace when you look at it you’ll see many separate buildings inside in the nature if it is like itThey have scattered like the tanks underground.

Chuckie is counted as the written within the top 10 destinations so it is a tourism country. And then tourist arrivals today the current academic accommodations and touristic facilities in Istanbul is where Kapadokya and Antalya both drummer and in my mind is destinations they all visitors arrive from from all directions say from China Japan Korea and from Russia Ukraine eastern Europe and then from Western Europe be a UK and Germany mainly France and then from Middle East or opposite juice and then from from northern Africa Algeria Tunisia in morocco and then from deep Africa as well that rivals all. Season of the arrivals are mainly because the countriesBecause the country is sunny and then it has a long bitches in the Mediterranean mainly and then and then in black series in there on the all types of green and get out of the antique it civilizations especially the Hittites the Hellenes and Roman’s saloon as well.



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