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Ancient Turks by Ahmet Yeşiltepe, Time Traveller, NTV

Time Traveler – In the Footsteps of the Turks/The First Temple of the Göktürks

In this part of the documentary, a temple area in Mongolia is the subject. The temple area discovered in the Şivet Ulan region is dated to the Göktürk period. “Time Traveler” evaluates the archaeological researches in this region with experts, seeking answers to the question of who belongs to the tomb complex around the temple. Kutluk Kagan, known as the founder of the second Gokturk state and therefore with his title “Ilteriş”, meaning “reuniting the province and the homeland”, died at the end of the 7th century.

Archaeological excavations continue under the leadership of the International Turkic Academy, headquartered in Nursultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, in Şivet Ulan, and it is estimated that the existing remains belong to the tomb complex of Kutluk Kagan.

In this part of “Time Traveller”, the unique stones found in Şivet Ulan are also discussed. Like this, The answer to the question of whether there were other inscriptions before the “Orkhon Inscriptions”, the first written sources of Turkish history, is sought. In this episode, new archaeological excavations and surface surveys in the Orhun Valley are also displayed. “Time Traveler – Discoveries” prepared and presented by Ahmet Yeşiltepe witnesses a brand new discovery with this episode.

Time Traveller – In the Footsteps of the Turks/Silk Road and the Ancient Turks

In this part of the documentary, one goes to the “Western Market”, which is the starting point of the Silk Road in the city of Xi’an (Xian), one of the ancient settlements of China. In addition, the events of the month of Ramadan are being screened in Xi’an Great Mosque, the oldest mosque in Asia. In this episode, Göktürk works in the Xi’an Archaeological Museum will be broadcast on a Turkish television for the first time. In this context, the little-known relations of the Göktürks with the Tangs, one of the most famous dynasties of China, are discussed.

Especially the background of the “Kürşad Epic” is brought to the screen by historians with interesting stories. The biggest building after the Great Wall of China… The energetic, colorful Muslim quarter of the ancient city of Xi’an is one of the other topics. The documentary also includes the West Lake, which is a source of inspiration for traditional Chinese poetry and painting, the city of Hangzhou, famous for its natural beauties,

Time Traveller – In the Footsteps of the Turks/From the Great Wall of China to Xi’an, the capital of the Han Chinese

Prepared and presented by Ahmet Yeşiltepe, Time Traveler – In the Footsteps of Turks Documentary goes to China in this episode in its third season, titled “Discoveries”. The documentary Time Traveler – Discoveries, the third season of which consists of 10 episodes, brings to the screen archeological and historical discoveries that are little known in the Turkish world. In this section, the city of Xi’an, the starting point of the historical Silk Road, is discussed. The pyramidal tomb of the first emperor, the world-famous “Terracota Soldiers” and the oldest mosque in the country are displayed in Xi’an, located in the center of China.

In “Time Traveler – Discoveries”, in which little-known parts of ancient Turkish history are also covered, in addition to the actual shootings made in China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran and Iraq, there are also artifacts and objects related to Turkish history in the museums of these countries. meets the audience for the first time.

Again, Distances at a Record Distance… “Time Traveller – Discoveries”, which emerged as a result of two years of shooting with approximately 30 thousand kilometers traveled, comes to the screen with unusual images that will arouse excitement and excerpts from newly announced scientific reports this season. “Time Traveler – Discoveries”, of which the Cinematographer Ahmet Uçar and the editing belongs to Cihan Çekiç, tells and conveys the little-known things in the history of the Turkish World, without leaving the axis of scientific and academic studies, in the most accurate, most understandable way.

Time Traveller – Following the Turks/Ergenekon Valley

Archaeologists discovered Ergenekon. For the first time on Turkish television and digital media… News of an extraordinary discovery in the archaeological excavations carried out by the International Turkic Academy and the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency on the Russian-Chinese border of Kazakhstan.

According to archaeologists and historians, the area where the excavations were made may be the place where the Turkish epic Ergenekon takes place. The artifacts and objects found in the topography and kurgans here support this view.

The Berel Valley of Eastern Kazakhstan is reached after a 9-hour flight in Turkey and a 14-hour journey by land gear vehicles. Here, the “Time Traveler” ascends to the Karakaba Plateau at an altitude of 2,000 meters and witnesses an extraordinary discovery. Ahmet Yeşiltepe describes this valley and its discovery process, which was broadcast for the first time on Turkish television.

Time Traveller – Following the Turks/Ötüken in Mongolia

The first homeland of the Turks; Ötüken in Mongolia Turkish communities who wrote their own history since the 6th century AD erected one of the first and most magnificent monuments of this in the Orkhon Valley in present-day Mongolia. The Orkhon Inscriptions, in which the name “Turk” appears for the first time in a “nomad” – “nomadic” cultural product, was also the starting point of the documentary series “Time Traveler – In the Footsteps of the Turks”.

The producer and presenter of the documentary series, Ahmet Yeşiltepe, will be attending the world’s largest nomad festival “Naadam Festivals” in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, at the first stop of his extraordinary trip for 4 years. Watching wrestling, archery and horse races here, the Time Traveler team also visits the world’s tallest metal statue, the “Genghis Khan Monument”.

Time Traveler – In Search of the Turks/Göbekli Hill of the Ancient Turks; Colpan Ata

The “Time Traveller” crosses the God Mountains… On the side of the Koksaal Mountains on the China-Kyrgyzstan border, he reaches Çolpan Ata, known as Göbeklitepe of the Ancient Turks, on the shore of Issyk-K Lake. He is making an extraordinary journey of discovery in the region, which has been used as a worship area for thousands of years. The ancient ruins were discovered and taken under protection during the Soviet period.

The rock paintings, which the researchers describe as the “Turks’ Subconscious”, are the most important haunt of the Time Traveler in this episode. Also in the chapter, a nomadic Kazakh tribe in the Koksaal Mountains and the Muslim Chinese living around Lake Issyk Kul; The stories of Dungans and Kipchak Turkish tribes are on the screen.



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