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Taiwan and Taiwanese

Who are Taiwanese?

If we have a communication channel with Taiwan, great. Taiwanese do not have communist ideology. They have been affected by Japan and the USA. It is only 350 km from the south to the north of the island of Taiwan and its national income is very close to Turkey’s. The population of the island is 23,5 million almost 1/4 of Turkey.

I admire Taiwanese always. I learned to speak Chinese and got a private course from Beijinger teacher in 1998. However as not using it I need time to recover it. Great Turkish historian Prof Bahaeddin Ogel who studied Turkish history and Turkish cultural history gained PhD from Taiwan in 1960s. There are further PhD students in Taiwan as well and still continuing.

Turkey should get closer to Taiwanese, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and other Asians, develop ties. Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and Hong Kong is very valuable for Turkey. A Taiwanese brain is a mix of Chinese and Japanese. Taiwanese work 7×24 for business.

Chip Markets Leaders: Ukraine-Russia / Taiwan-China

Turkey and Asia

In fact, Turkey can also organize a Greater Asian Union like the Shanghai Union, in which Turkey, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Turkestan countries, Pakistan, India, Bengaldesh, Nepal, southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia will participate.

In Turkey, we should talk more about scientific theories and less about conspiracy theories. Necmettin Erbakan, one of the leaders of these theories, was constantly talking about German engines and industry. But he had never been to Asia, to countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China. On the other hand, reformist politician Turgut Özal tried to bring the Japanese model to Turkey, started to implement this model in foreign trade, but left it by himself due to vote concerns. Then conservative politicians started to talk about the Malaysian model.

Foreign Minister İsmail Cem was the first to open up to Asia before the 2000s.

We should talk less conspiracy theories in Turkey, Rothschild, England, USA and talk more on real achievements of China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and India. We have mentally fallen far from the places we came from in deeper Asia. Those are not far Asia, but central Asia as the poet mentioned, as it is imposed on us. Those are the ground and geography where our reflexes come to life, where our ideas are formed. And the world is heading in that direction now.

Taiwan ROC and Northern Cyprus TR

What can Turkey do with Taiwan?

Turkey should bring Taiwan technology to the country as it is not given by China. If science is in Republic of China (Taiwan), we are there too. They represent pre-Mao China on the island of Taiwan.

Today, Japan, Korea and Taiwan have huge investments in China. The USA also intends to make China hostile with its neighbors. In addition, especially regional countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand are investing in China. Although there are problems between China and Taiwan that can lead to war, Taiwanese companies are constantly investing in China.

Traveller’s Talks: Greater China World. 3: Taiwan RoC

Turkey-Taiwan Trade&Investment Relations

Mutual investment between Taiwan and Turkey is negligible. A total of 21 Taiwan-based companies have made investments in Turkey. There is no registered Turkish investment in Taiwan. Only companies have representative offices where their imports from this country are directed.

Turkey’s commercial relations with Taiwan show an import-oriented development. When the structure of imports from Taiwan is examined, a wide product variety is encountered. An important part of the import is investment and intermediate goods, and the rest is consumer goods.

The main reasons why the exports to Taiwan cannot reach a sufficient level are the consumption trends and market differences in this country, the very strong intra-regional trade, and Taiwan’s influence by important global trading countries and blocs, especially China and Japan.

It can be shown that there are no special trade agreements between Turkey and Taiwan, mutual investment relations are not developed enough and our exporters do not carry out systematic studies towards Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region.

Taipei Turkish Trade Office, affiliated to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is the Turkish representation in Taipei, started its activities in 1993 in order to develop economic, commercial, cultural and tourism relations. The office provides all kinds of information regarding business and investment opportunities and tourism in Turkey. Visa procedures for those who will go to Turkey for business and tourism purposes, as well as the certification of commercial documents, are among the main duties of the Office.

Although its powers are limited in terms of transactions related to Turkish citizens, the Office deals with Turkish citizens in its region and tries to help them meet their needs and problems. There is a visa application between Turkey and Taiwan.

Taiwan is represented in Turkey by Taiwan Trade Center (Istanbul) and Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission (Ankara) under the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

Taiwan ROC

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