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Taiwan ROC and Northern Cyprus TR



The expansion process, which started with the transfer of Hong Kong to China in 1997, continues with Russia’s war with Ukraine in its 25th year and China’s determination to annex Taiwan.
Turkey, on the other hand, is kept in an ineffective and immobile position on the defensive line by embracing it from all sides, despite the Misaki Milli (National Oath) doctrine.
In this context, I tried to examine the cases of Taiwan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC, which are not recognized by the UN, in the light of our personal experience spanning years in the Far East.





People’s Republic of China (PRC) Enlargement:

  • 1997:  Hong Kong
  • 1999:  Macau
  • 2047:  Hong Kong (full sovereignty)
  •   ?    : Taiwan

In the 1990s, it was Clinton America that described China git as great, and introduced the concept of “Greater China”. Now, by Greater China, he meant the Chinese residing in that region of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and South East Asia countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

We see this greatness as reality today. China is now “Greater China”. However, after the Bush administration, which took over the United States in the 2000s, America abandoned this concept. This concept was only relevant with Bill Clinton. Now China buys energy in yuan, abandons the US dollar, implements the silk road; then China is great.

The Reality of Expansion

  • Russia and China are expanding.
  • Turkey is not expanding though the doctrine of Misakı Milli (National Pact) targets the expansion.
  • The timing is crucial for the will to expand.

Integration Initiatives of Russia and China: Ukraine and Taiwan

The public in Turkey was positioned as Natoist – Russianist. Only China is unspoken. What kind of nearsightedness is it, it is incomprehensible. The US is breaking China’s Silk Road logistics through its hidden ally, Russia.

What are the opportunities-threats reflected on Turkey from this break that we need to evaluate ?

“The new sociology that emerged in Ukraine with the occupation of Russia has the potential to create a survival issue for Russia. In addition, this sociology is of a nature that will lead China to act more carefully in its policy of integrating with Taiwan. Another issue related to this situation that needs to be discussed is how the global effects of Ukraine’s new sociology will be. The Taiwanese people do not want to be dominated by China. For them, the Ukrainian experience is an instructive example of the strength of a society considered powerless.” (Musa Tasdelen Prof.)

After China, which realized the reunification event with Hong Kong (1997), 25 years later, in 2047, it will have full sovereignty in Hong Kong. Taiwan is getting more and more frightened.

Just as Ukraine is the core of historical Russia, Taiwan is the “Nationalist China” state. Taiwanese are also ethnically indigenous to the island, different sociological elements. China, which realized the reunification event with Hong Kong (1997), 25 years later, in 2047, will have full sovereignty in Hong Kong. Taiwan is getting more and more frightened.

The pressures exerted by China for the 25 years since Hong Kong was handed over to China in 1997 are within the scope of the same instructive example.

Qatar, which is the balance element (Arab, Persian, Turkish, British-American) in the Persian Gulf, is very similar to Taiwan in this respect.

New Mediterranean and Cyprus

Where is the new Mediterranean, have we ever asked ourselves this question? Pacific. Here Cyprus pretends to signal, it is the Silk Road. The West has based all its understanding on mythologies. Pegasus says, all brands are mythologically inspired. Let’s write our own history, make our labels.

On the Silk Road line, the Pacific Ocean is our road destination. The Pacific at one end of Asia is our way to reach. Cyprus is his guarantee.

Why New Mediterranean?

Because in the Mediterranean, trade has been carried out between the ports, where interactions have taken place for all those millennia.

The same trades, the same industries, the same interactions, communications are currently taking place between Japan’s Osaka Port, Tokyo Port, China’s ports, Taiwan ‘s and Thailand’s ports. There is a great economic dynamism there. The old Mediterranean is getting  re-established in the New Mediterranean.

Map: Regionalization in Asia-Pacific – The “New Mediterranean” Economic Corridor

The Chinese speaking the same language from Taiwan , Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China and overseas (USA, England, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand) create a great economic dynamism in a network understanding.

The Chinese Business Network is one of the strongest networks in the world and is the real force behind China’s rapid development.




Island State Area Population
National Income
(Billion Dollars)
National Income per Capita
Taiwan ROC 36,193 km 2 23.5 528.6 22,453
Hong Kong 2755 km 2 7.4 320.7 43,528
Cyprus  TRNC 3355 km 2 0.33 3,685 12,701


National Competitiveness Index 4.0 Ranking (140 States in Total)

  • Hong Kong: 7th place
  • Taiwan : 13th place
  • Cyprus : 44th place
Source: The Global Competitiveness Index 4.0 2018 Rankings



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Map: People’s Republic of China and Republic of China Taiwan Island)

Taiwanese have a mixed mindset of Japanese, Chinese and American.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping signed the directive allowing his army to attack Taiwan. The basic principles, the organization and command of the troops, and the types of operations were determined by the decree that will come into force on 15 June.

Today, there are 22 states that still maintain official diplomatic relations with Taiwan:

  • Belize (1989)
  • Burkina Faso (1994)
  • Dominican Republic (1957)
  • El Salvador (1961)
  • Guatemala (1960)
  • Haiti (1956)
  • Honduras (1965)
  • Kiribati (2003)
  • Marshall Islands (1998)
  • Nauru (1980–2002, 2005)
  • Nicaragua (1990)
  • Palau (1999)
  • Panama (1954)
  • Paraguay (1957)
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis (1983)
  • Saint Lucia (1984–1997, 2007)
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1981)
  • São Tomé and Príncipe (1997)
  • Solomon Islands (1983)
  • Esvatini (1968)
  • Tuvalu (1979)
  • Vatican (Holy Seat) (1942)

Countries with the World’s Highest National Income (End of 2021)

  • 21st rank TURKEY 796 billion dollar 0.84%
  • 22nd rank TAIWAN 785 billion dollar 0.83%

(Source: 28 March 2022 IMF)


The similar role of the island of Taiwan (Republic of China) in the Pacific Ocean, which is a synthesis of Chinese, Japanese and American accumulations, will be fulfilled by the island of Cyprus, which carries the accumulations of the Roman, Eastern Roman and Turkish Empires (Ottoman). The fact that the states on both islands are not recognized are indicators of the need to overcome the post-World War II legacy.

Among the northern, middle and southern lines of the Silk Roads, the most promising is the southern line, which highlights Afrasia instead of Eurasia. The rising charts of Asia and then Africa paves the way for Cyprus, the nodal point of both continents .

What different processes did Cyprus leased to the British and Hong Kong face in 1974 and 1997?


Moderator, Ardan Zentürk: Cyprus Afrin Line Book by Levent Ağaoğlu

Cyprus Articles at BooksonTurkey

Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean and the Silk Road connection, which form an inseparable duo, will interlock even more with each other in the first quarter of the 21st century and pave the way for emerging Asian markets.

The dynamics of cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean led by Turkey and the East Asian region led by China are getting stronger. The era of the powerful Ottoman and Chinese Empires in the 16th century is now on the scene again.

Eastern Asia

After the chaos in the Malaga Strait, it spread to the Eastern Mediterranean. Silk Road, which fell out of the game with the introduction of the Cape of Good Hope, is now on the world agenda again by getting stronger. Starting from the middle of the 20th century, the East Asian development move has transformed the Pacific Ocean into a new Mediterranean identity with its interaction dynamism.

Relations of the People’s Republic of China with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC

The strategic partnership between China and Southern Cyprus is based on the principle of one state. A policy is implemented based on the non-recognition of Taiwan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC. Cyprus is not found in the list of BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) countries.

Both Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC, as well as Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration of Cyprus, are trying to provide their political support in order to benefit from China’s influence in the international arena.

With the possibility that the Cyprus problem can be resolved in favor of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC and the separation of Cyprus into two states and the ” Taiwan ” problem can be compared, the PRC has taken a position in favor of the Greek Cypriot Administration.

Concerned that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC might set an example for the Taiwan problem if it is recognized, the PRC’s stance on this issue is as follows: respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of  ” Cyprus “, support for the goodwill mission of the UN Secretary-General for the resolution of the Cyprus problem, and fairness to be reached within the framework of relevant UN resolutions. and a reasonable solution is basically based on three elements.

Globalists and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC

The answer to the Globalists invitation to China to the Greek Cypriot side should be the increasing Turkish commercial and industrial investments in China’s hot-blooded Taiwan Island, right under China’s nose. Conflicts between Turks, who have been based on World Domination since ancient times, and globalists, who pursue the same goal, are inevitable. While the globalists divide Turkey, they also seek to unite Cyprus.

The Global Lobby, which has conquered the market for 30 years starting from 1989, has been caught in a chronic crisis since 2008 at the beginning of the 21st century, and the increase in the world trade volume has turned negative.

The Turkish presence in Cyprus is an obstacle to globalization.

British-Russian Balance

The 1878 Anglo-Russian balance on the island has become a status quo and cannot be eroded. It is true that Russian-British tensions have increased with Russia’s capture of the port of Tartus, opposite Cyprus , and the possibility of war is true.Turkey’s 1974 intervention in Cyprus ensured its return to its original position in the said balance.



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