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State Phenomenon by Turks

Hello my friends, good day. Today is 25 October 2020, Istanbul.

It’s a sunny day on a hot Sunday. We will talk with you about the concept of the State, the phenomenon of the state in Turks. There is a word in our language that we use as a pattern. 16 Turkish states. This is real. But this numerically reveals the Turkish state. On the spatial dimension, we cannot develop an awareness here.

When we look at the Turkish states spread over the world, we see a very unified picture here. Let’s say that in a time period in the 15th century, when we center this place, Africa, Europe and Asia are an Ottoman Turkish state in 3 continents, and a Safavid Turkish state in Iran. In India, we see the Turkish state of the Mughals after the Timurids, and the Turkish state in the Golden Horde in the steppes of Ukraine and Russia in the north.

Now, what thoughts can be developed in the face of this finding? When we look at this, when we add the Andalusian Islamic state in Andalusia next to these Turkish states, we see that a defense and then an attack mechanism was developed in the style of the Knights Templar and Teutonic Knights as a result of the counterattack of the rival Europe. Because 3 continents are surrounded by Turkish states. We it is a fact and a story of enthusiasm is evident here. What we need to pass on to our generations is not only the 16 Turkish states, but the fact that the world, let’s say 500 years ago, was completely surrounded by Turkish states.

As a result, these knight sects, which left the West victorious from this siege, eventually brought the phenomenon of globalization with it. States such as America, Russia, and China are structures established by these knightly orders. We, as Turks, need to reconsider and reevaluate this expansion of the Space, and how we can put this expansion into practice, starting from the 21st century in the 3 thousand years, and how we can put it into practice.

When we say state, for example, the first state established by the Turks in Africa, the Tolunoğulları State, is dated 868.

Largest States 920


In this way, the Turks established different states on the main continent in Europe, Asia and Africa, and this is not limited to only 16 states. Many states were established. When we look at it from here, another state was re-established in place of the state that did not fulfill its function, and the Turks continued their dominance in the space.

Goodbye, I wish you a good Sunday.



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