The Concept of Turkeys

10 09 2020:

Good day my dear friend. Today I will talk to you about the concept of Turkeys. Turkey is not a singular concept. It is a plural concept. There is a concept called Russia, an example of which I personally know. Likewise, Turkey’s is a concept with a reality that is real.

In history, the lands of Hungary, Egypt, the northeast of the Black Sea, Ukraine and Russia were named as Turkey. It was named as Western Turkey, Eastern Turkey, and the Turkish State. Outside of Turkey as we know it. In addition, in Asia, there are Turkestan, Turkeli, Turkey denominations. As we can see, we come across a plural concept of Turkey. Central Turkey is the country we already know and live in. What conclusion can we draw from here?

At that time, Turkey is the name of a country that has multiplied not within itself, but outside it. Today, this proliferation manifests itself in three generations. We will refer to the northern belt, the middle belt and the southern belt with the letter M in their titles.

In the northern belt, the lands of Ukraine, Russia, and then Mongolia and Manchuria, which are called Hungary in the west and Eastern Turkey in the east. This is the northern belt Turkey.

Middle belt Turkey, on the other hand, is a Turkey whose center is Turkey and then proceeds through the 41st parallel again through Transoxiana in the middle.

When we come to the end, in the southern belt, we can call Morocco in the west, the region we call the Maghreb in Algeria, then Egypt, and then the Maşrık, that is, the Levant region, and we can call it Mesopotamia. These are the historical parts of Turkey.

Knowing that our Turkey is not a piece of land located within 780,000 square kilometers alone, but that it has a presence in the world in a much richer framework, makes us even stronger. Greetings and best regards, Goodbye for now.

Have a Nice Day.

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