covered bazaar. Shopping centers. Lively bazaars.

Turks like Bazaars whether these are open bazaars or covered bazaars. Where ever they go they establish daily bazaars, whether it is closed Bazaar or an open bazaar in is it. Turks call bazaar names with the names of the days. It’s a great tradition first for text to have to have a regular and steady bazaars the reason why is they they prefer to have a talks and exchange of views and understandings and having the fresh news and making you and making negotiations buying while buying the most economical products and really this is the way of life for the Turks.

It is really astonishing to know that in in Asian turkey and then say the south south eastern parts of Europe say in Bulgaria Greece and ask Yugoslavia territories there are many place names with bazaar. And even the Turkish language has been widespread it in the towns and cities and villages with the communications in Turkish communications language communications in the bazaars so buying and selling yeah that’s not only serve for the exchange of the goods but exchange of the language as well. And then also in for example in Ephesus for the shops for buying and selling the area is called as the third one in the state they’re going is it four size. This is the same as in in example is again with four corners building supply called Çarşı again in Turkish.

Language is the name two names of the days is buzzer and she means after bazaar day names are related to PAZARCIK so this shows the strong correlation between days and Bazzano’s in the language sure the language is the indication of way of thinking so language has text saved in their mind is strong correlation with exchanging the products shopping and we did thatWe talk to him before the names of the bazaar or with the names of the days are cold with the names of the days.

And recently since since early 2000s almost every city has a new shopping centers this is a covered building cover billing it is not open one so especially in Istanbul they are abundant shopping centers for the city residence living in the city and then the tourists also travellers as well they are making their shopping because there are especially for the closings Gloating specialist and she has a stronger text Aylin the street so you can find all the governments items in these bozos


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