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Istanbul is a metropolitan city.

Turkey is a Haciomeroglu dynamic business environment and then the country still is growing K and keeps growing K is the population is still young and the clerk of Turkish people is also for in favor of the gnu gnu if your Nana months new products new developments so not sure the business travel traveller will be very delighted with this lively environment and then besides business dealings say he will watch and observe hey society open and ready for the new developments.

What is interesting here for the business traveller in Truckee is where ever he comes from from east or west from North or South he will find the similarities with his own culture in the in Turkish environment say for example he or she comes from so in in a neighboring city of Internet will be to completely astonished with it where is similar culture in in this Turkish city so visitor will reveal face taste similar feelings in one day they are doing their businesses in in in in Turkey.

Western and eastern culture cultural styles and images are found even in even in the architectural heritage of Turkish cities and antique cities as well but. The richest richest person in Chinese porcelain Set is offsite to China is found in Topkapi Palace Istanbul Turkey.

Is the heritage of the key is is the round is with several empires say Hittite empire, eastern Roman empire a Syrian empire SELÇUK empire ottoman empire Alexander the great empire and the several states inside Anatolia likely dearly and Turkish states before just before Empire so all of these empires and states have their traces in the in culture in in in architecture and in arts. <JUNK> missing the Turkish museum is in the example of the British Museum if it becomes visible visible so we can trace all these heritages in a single museum environment for the business as well.

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