Turkey and Human Geography

We are at the start of the 3000s. The first lights of the period, when the ideas and information were more valuable as dawn brightened, began to appear with the 21st century. Thoughts of land that first sprouted Geography of Turkey is one of the fertile geography where four of the top ten thinkers from the world. The continents (Europe, Asia, Africa) at the transition point in Eastern Mediterranean as a result of the diversity and richness of the gene pool is located in the same way as the idea of ​​the richness and diversity.

The first essay on the Encyclopedia of Universal Thinkers begins with the accumulation of 2650 years, starting with Thales of Miletus, the first known philosopher born in 624 BC. The first great philosopher first 10 3, a total of 5 of them from Turkey’s geography. Philosophy, began in Turkey geography.

5 of the top 10 thinkers from thinkers born in Turkey.

  1. Thales, Milet
  2. Anaximander, Milet
  3. Pythagoras, Samos island
  4. Laozi
  5. Confucius
  6. Sun Tzu
  7. Heraclitus, Ephesus
  8. Parmenides
  9. Anaxagoras, Klazomenai, Urla
  10. Protagoras

Source: Xue Xiaoyuan, Dr. The Charisma of 100 Philosophers. 2018. China Pictorial Press.

It is extremely important that European philosophy from the continents surrounding the Mediterranean cannot be understood without the development process that takes place elsewhere and passes to Europe. The beginnings of the development called Garp philosophy lie in what the Hellenes call the Orient (Anatole). The first center here was Miletos. Thales, Anaximandros and Anaximenes were the first philosophers of the history of philosophy with the intellectual activity they showed and the problems they addressed.

The second and main center was in Europe: Athens. However, the third center, Alexandreia (Alexandria), is also outside the European borders in Egypt, followed by Baghdad, a little deeper in the Orient. Source: Elmar Holenstein, Atlas of Philosophy, Places and Ways of Thinking, 2015 June, Istanbul, Küre Publishing

Cyprus, located in the middle of the triangle of Miletus-Alexandria-Baghdad; It is in a position to reproduce the intellectual legacy of Asia Minor-Greater Asia-Africa.

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