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Roman Law was written in Istanbul.

Roman law; It was written in 3 periods and always in ISTANBUL.

1. The contribution of Justinian (d. 565), which still remains the most influential in Western Europe and elsewhere; Roman Law, which is the basis of private law in modern states today, and the studies carried out to ensure that the private law, which was in force in the Eastern Roman country at that time with the orders of Justinian, but based on the rules and laws that were put forward in very different periods, is applied in all its former pure form as a single order in the entire empire. has been.

As a result of these studies, which started with the order of Justinian I, the legalization movement, the special Roman Law that was applied until that time was collected in a corpus of laws called Corpus Juris Civilis (529-534). It was prepared in 5 years. This work was made possible by the efforts of Tribonianus, who was generally the “Questor” (Roman civil servant who was the head of the Roman central government office like the Court of Accounts).

2. Suleiman I (6 November 1494, Trabzon – 7 September 1566, Zigetvar), the tenth sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the 89th Islamic caliph. He is also known as Suleiman the Magnificent in the West and Suleiman the Magnificent in the East, referring to his just administration.

3. Mecelle (1868-1876) was prepared in 8 years; Ahmet Cevdet Pasha

“The most primordial law in the European continent is the Roman law, which was organized and codified by a community of ilmiyye in the city of Constantinople (Istanbul). It is the basis of European laws and is famous and respected everywhere. But it is not like Mecelle-i Ahkam-i Adliyye. There are many differences (between) in their brains. Because it was made by the grace of five or six law-abiding persons. This, on the other hand, has been adopted (taken) from the sharia-i garra, which is divinely appointed (by Allah) by the help of five or six jurists. ” Ahmet Cevdet Pasha

A person from the European legal profession, who this time compared Mecelle with the Roman law and looked at both of them with the eye of a human work (only a human work) said:

‘Laws were made twice in the world through the community of ilmiyye. Both happened in Istanbul. Secondly, due to its arrangement and regularity, and the good manners and connection (good arrangement) of the message (of the matters in it), it is very admirable and superior (superior and preferable) to the former. Even the difference in their brains is a measure (measurement) of how many steps a person has taken in the world of civilization from that century to this century.”

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